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Com. Del pull yesterday. Finds it. Thirty seven percent of US Catholics are questioning whether they should stay in the church course, all the news about the clergy child sex abuse scandal that number thirty seven percent. It's up fifteen percentage points higher than two thousand two and that was when there were pre scandals bubbling in Boston. Those who go to church often less likely than other Catholics to say they're questioning whether to remain twenty two percent of them say they feel that way empire returned to the air last night season five midseason premiere. It's the first time the show is aired since jussie smollet told police in Chicago that he was assaulted you remember, it was like January. He said that somebody verbally abused them through chemical on him put a noose around his neck and all that. Well, now, it seems more and more likely that it was staged. Executive producer Brett Mahony talking to Entertainment Weekly says it was pretty difficult decision to get the show back going again. But he says then thinks in terms of the killing the cast and crew to really get the work done without a great deal of disruption. Kind of reduce that stress and just get to do. And what they do. It was better. In addition allowing Jesse the time to really deal with what he's been confronted with allow him. The time to focus on prepares case that seems like the logical decision to make we do know he's been written out of the last two episodes of the season. But he's going to be in court today facing sixteen Celts as accused for orchestrating that so-called hate crime acting after more than forty countries, including the European Union China and Canada Federal Aviation Administration finally grounded Boeing seven thirty-seven, max jets FAA issuing an emergency declaration to keep the planes from frying saying the reversal came after new enhanced satellite tracking data and physical evidence on the ground linked the movements of the Europeans plane, the one that crashed Sunday to the crash of the Indonesian line air jet the one that crashed back in October. So it's been a bit of an inconvenience for some about three percent of. Planes for the three airlines that use them have been grounded. You couple that with the big storm that is giving blizzard like conditions in the interior of the country. It's been a little tough going for some people when it comes to air travel Facebook under criminal investigation. Federal prosecutors are its partnerships with other tech companies apparently Facebook gave them access to user's data New York Times reporting that sources say records had been subpoenaed from at least two unnamed smartphone companies who had deals that allow them to see Facebook users data including friendless and contact information and sometimes without the person's consent. Facebook said in a statement, we are cooperating with investigators that take those probes seriously, we've provided public testimony answered questions and pledged that we will continue to do. So seems to fly in the face of their statements earlier in the week about how they're really going to get behind user's privacy. Yeah. We'll see. How it plays.

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