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Now Kentucky governor Matt Bevin campaign saying that there are voting irregularities and he is formally requesting an official re canvas that means the county clerks are going to count the absentee votes and check over the printouts make sure that all the numbers are correct that recount this re canvas is going to take place on November fourteenth governor Bevins gonna talk more about the whole process an hour from now in a news conference earlier today his challenger indeed the sheer telling reporters that he's moving ahead with the transition and taking command after he won last night by about fifty two hundred votes we have got to submit a budget for instance to the legislature near the end of January that much is going to be absolutely critical in its support of public education and healthcare the Democrat this year beat the Republican incumbent Bethan by about fifty two hundred votes now the latest traffic and weather together from the UC health traffic center long screening save lives if you're fifty five or older and would like to learn more call you see health at five one three five eight four long that's five one three five eight four L. U. N. G. R. traffic is heavy due to police activity blocking the right lane westbound on two seventy five at seventy four your heavy back to blue rock they've cleared the accident south seventy five in northern Kentucky at Kyle's lane traffic still heavy to the Brent Spence bridge north seventy five you're crowded between Mitchell and the Ronald Reagan southbound heavy.

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