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Or an economic depression so on july twenty second nineteen fifty nine franco announced a new economic stabilization plan. He accepted the majority of the finance minister's proposals including allowing foreign investment and export growth. The economy was soon growing again in the nineteen sixties. Spain's economy registered the highest rate of quote sustained expansion. In all of europe it was also a period of rapid cultural change in spain. As money and tourists board in the general population became wealthier more educated and more liberal for the most part franco allowed these changes as it turned out. Franco's fear of young liberal and politically engaged. College students was well-founded the more the economy grew the more young people could afford to receive an education and the more educated. The population became the more. They began to protest. Franco's repressive government even worse. This new generation wasn't afraid of the generally cmo franco was in his seventies as his mental and physical health began to deteriorate. It was only a matter of time until his reign was over coming up. Franko enters his twilight years and chooses his successor. This episode is brought to.

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