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Some breaking news coming out just al we go to I'm not sure who I'm going to in the in the newsroom guardian yes so it seems that Utah just experience a five point seven magnitude earthquake and I'm looking into the specifics of it right here I pull my thing back up five point seven magnitude earthquake it happened in the city of magna which is a suburb of Salt Lake City Salt Lake City is experiencing quite a bit of after shocker after aftermath from a lot of this there are aftershocks are happening or they assume will happen it looks like nobody is hurt I'm not seeing anything as far as that's concerned there is a little bit of structural damage to a few buildings they've lost a couple of breaks stuff like that the governor tweeted out and just told people to stay away from the downtown as they're assessing the situation but it seems like everyone is okay which is good I thank god and will step to see what happens from there well and scored in Salt Lake City area that's that's pretty amazing so that's interesting holy mackerel just just what we needed and unnatural disaster on top of everything else and hopefully the after shocks will not happen or if they do they'll be small but I didn't know that was on a fall out there but apparently it is well all right thanks in our for **** Patrick in our newsroom six ten three six three eleven ten six ten three six three eleven ten also let me just quick go to couple more storm yesterday so many I'm in perfect peace it in uncertain times remember god is in control at your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works and glorify your father who is in heaven Matthew five sixty thank you Vera mandate saying is it a good day to buy this is from yesterday yeah and today is to show a you know look everything's down everything's down considerably so is going to be continue down movement yeah it's up to you you got to make a decision everybody out there is going to make a decision right now do I buy it now with some cash and I'm going to go to use dry by now or do I wait so if I buy it now my go to be annoyed because I didn't buy it later when it was down I've already bought and I'm not buying anymore so I don't care where it goes out it is what it is that's where I'm leaving so I'm not concerned I don't care I don't care what I missed but I'm not a look I don't look back I don't ever look back and anything so I'm not looking to I'm not I don't care you know I sell something and then it goes up a hundred percent doesn't phase me I just like I did good I sold it I move on so if you're like that you can just move or not worry about it you already bought it and then fine if you wanna wait wait it's a problem we're going to see more downside momentum over the next several days over the next several weeks and over the next few months we're gonna have bad down days and we need to get used to it so it's going to continue so the government is doing the best you can in a relief effort to try to keep things moving in the economy and hopefully they will be successful in doing that it's going to take a lot more fiscal policy coming out of Washington Senate is voting or in our first released bail that is down I'm saying relief I'm not saying stimulus we also just say relief this is not a stimulus project it's a relief efforts are on on our economy in order it's on American people for American people so that's what this is about sure everybody'll be saying released by the end of the day but that's what we should be calling and I don't like calling it a stimulus so six ten three six three eleven ten we'll see what it what happens is eleven thirty press conference yesterday there was eleven thirty press conference only to start until noon we'll see how it goes right now sixty three six three eleven ten Blaine is saying how good morning Dan do you anticipate asset allocation models solely on Timothy yeah so what I'm gonna do is I am going to route put on the asset allocation model for Timothy you're going to see things like are a mutual fund and or the ETS and where they apply if you want to do just ETFs you can do those for ET apps in the percentages that I have a list so that's what it looks like we're gonna do all right VEREIT is saying I will give to the India building fun just thank we aren't just thought I just thought we are taking anything to happen a star trust god multiplies efforts in the state his this is Sarah command to discipline others check out to disciple others thank you for that I don't say between now and August do you see the U. S. dollar getting stronger weaker against the euro well it's kind of a loaded answer I see the U. S. dollar getting stronger now do I see the U. S. dollar getting stronger yes but only because it's going to get weighed against dollars and currencies that continue to get weaker at a much greater pace than the US dollar is getting weaker so will we still be a stronger currency then that a vast majority the rest of the world yes but it's not necessarily because we're doing anything to make that a dollar in and of itself organically or intrinsically stronger I don't think that's the case this is going to be the basket of currencies that were being measured against continue to get worse so I do see strengthening in the dollar but with that reasoning R. Brian is asking a forty two years old four years been a partner I've done extremely well but I'm down now from the highs I'm considering taking a I I he locked alone and out of my house to order K. in my sure K. my stocks are down is this wise or not why don't I don't have anything necessarily against the loan that's fine I I do have something against selling stocks that are down considerably to to help out in some way shape or form to make that loan are you going to do that I I I really have a problem with it Brian because you're only forty two years old and listen the stocks are coming back up not going anywhere they're going to they're going to visit their last high that you had in them when you are profitable and then sell and and I just don't want you to mess that up I I am a little fi you know cast in stone your loss right now they're on paper I like him on paper they feel better and I I don't know if I want to make those losses permanent so I I just have an issue with that I'd rather you not do it if you were you know older maybe in fifty five I say maybe but I I'd I'd rather you not do it Brent is saying good morning Dan I was in the process of selling some of my old mutual funds before the downturn specifically offered our counter phone would you recommend I still sell the mutual funds and investing your recommendations are dollar cost average and I would say that you Salam and move into whatever asset allocation model you're doing whatever stocks you are on the by listing you want invested as long as you do it at the same time don't go selling your stocks today and then waiting a while to buy into the stock that'll be a mistake I don't want you to do that I just want you to I just want you to know when your mind that I sold something was down I bought something that was down equally and I'm going to ride down the ones up equally up to get my game back just don't try to do it in the same day that would make me feel better for a number of reasons I'm trying to build a psychological impact for you you'll understand it later but that's what I would like you to do gene is saying thank you for the informing our listeners to biblical options investing I'm sixty three years are the traditional IRA and I plan to move into Timothy a traditional IRA should send it now or should I wait do it now don't wait several were busting a morning from Ohio good morning Sir my friend in Ohio I sure do appreciate you Jason in Memphis where you bit brother I hope you've been listening just to check in but I appreciate you being there with this in force my friend in the basin Midland Texas Augie good to hear from your brother I hope all of you and your wife have your I have our OB or treat pencilled in for twenty twenty one after this year man we are going to need to retreat big time we may never come back we may just stay there workability Graham training center in North Carolina if you never been there man it'll be a blessing just being on that property it is amazing anyway hi Carol is saying good morning Dan blessings bless you for telling the truth thank you all right let me go to Mike in Ohio Hey Mike Hey Dan how you doing I'm doing well thank you I have a couple questions that I had actually screwed up the the numbers one I told your screener there so I was actually looking at them E. eighty nine in nineteen twenty eight and then eight C. twenty eight to see if you thought those are worth dollar cost averaging down at this point and I was really count in eighty eighty ninety twenty eight is one about their survivability I guess so I mean I as far as their survivor what was the first what was very first one you gave me E. eighty nine eighty nine the E. eighty nine are that one definitely is one that you I wouldn't want to we're going to sell out of that's what you mean if you're worried about it going down I mean look at all of these companies are are are are going to be a concern just because of what's happening on or see an oral getting so low that is not a company that particular company is not a company that has a you know a lot of debt for certain I think it's a company that is going to be able to withstand some of the issues one of the things I like about that company is they they are pretty well diversified so and that's that's good news so the last the last week for them it's been hard to find needless to say they're incredibly undervalued but you know I think they're going to they're gonna hang in there I would not consider them a cell by any standpoint this is a fifteen or sixteen hours a billion.

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