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Well when i was seventeen years old i was actually diagnosed with testicular cancer myself it was something that i personally didn't wanna have to tell my parents when i when i when it was bothering me because of this is ten year old kid when i tell anybody your balls are or or hurting so yeah it was kind of kind of a scary thing but finally i woke up one morning it was the payments so bad that i couldn't turn handle it anymore we went to the hospital and that night they told me that they were ninety eight percent sure add just to get cancer so it was a it was a tough time of my life but yeah i'm happy to be partnering with athletes brands who raise awareness for two sigma cancers can be great so how long how long was that recovery for you personally before you could even resume anything baseball or just life in general well i forget exactly how many days it was after that i had surgery once they diagnose me but no more than five days and then week after my surgery i was in san diego playing in the athletic all american game so it wasn't it wasn't very long after after the surgery before i got that out there so i mean obviously this is something that is is very close to you personally so i if anyone is is listening the wants to grab a tshirt where can they go to go on athletes brain dot com.

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