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Twenty six at the Wisconsin union theater, Shannon. Holly believes the location. We'll be talking about venom. That's right. My favorite marvel character circa age thirteen God his own movie. I still haven't seen it yet. Venemous kind of like the John Godley of marvel. In that he's a lethal protector. I guess so. John Gotti was covered in symbiosis matters huge tongue, but on the internet. Find sexy for some reason. Explain the reason the reason he has John Gotti is very similar vitamin that. Eric Larsen also did not like drawing John Gotti and decided to make him as monstrous and crazy as possible, hence, the long tongue and the teeth. Okay. It would take it would take a young Mark vaguely to reassert that venom is not just a slobbery monster drool creature. Okay. Now, we have a new show too. At to advertise guys. Can we talk about it, Dan? Can we say it? I guess wait. Yeah. I'll allow there's nothing in the rule book that says it can't prevent it. That's right boys for going back to our old stomping grounds of the bell house. Brooklyn, New York bub-bubba bell house, Sunday, February third. That's right. Super Bowl Sunday will talking about. Or can we say the movie or no? Yeah. So what talk about I think what the happy time murders. That's what we decided on. Yeah. So football team show Super Bowl Sunday. Hey, do you guys hate football. Like, I do come to the one guaranteed show. My brother won't be at Sunday, February third at the bell house in Brooklyn, New York, just averages even if you like football, it's most likely that your team isn't in the big game. So come watch out. Instead, that's true. And guys gonna have a little extra pep in my step because it's going to be the day after I celebrate my grandmother's ninetieth birthday party. So watch out I might be a little hungover. And that's okay. Super Bowl Sunday, February third in Brooklyn and January twenty six in Wisconsin. Get your tickets to those ones the Bill house ones. The tickets might not be Valiente. But hopefully, they will be soon. Yeah. And do you want you really want to just go along with a fucking crowd? Do you like football that much? You don't you're just going to watch the Super Bowl because that's what everyone in the US is doing. But Dan what why? Now one one it's an American tradition. Everybody loves it too. There's always the chance that it'll be like my favorite Super Bowl. That year when the lights went out and half the stadium and they had to stop the play. But they kept broadcasting it. And it was just confused football people wandering around in the dark wondering what was going to happen next. That was my favorite football game of all time. It was so real be can we announce the? No, no, I'm asking Dan out this out of wrong, and Dan, and I are going to be guests at another show at the bell house on on Saturday January twelfth we're going to be guests on alive. Ono Rawson Carey show alcohol. Hopefully, we're gonna get electrodes attached to some of our bodies. Let your holes is going to get broken. Yeah. You gotta show up for Bill has to find out. Yeah. They haven't told us exactly what crazy experiment. We have to take yet. So yeah, I mean, I hope they don't tell me until I literally walk out in front of a room full of people. And then I guess Google good ghosts and tear my body apart. That's what he's right. So that's your best case scenario skit scenario. Interesting. So we got those live shows guys. Let's move onto the next segment, which is letters. All right. Telling me, thanks keeping your foot on the gas here Elliott, let me pull up the letters. While Dan's doing that. Hey, Elliott what's going on with you? You watch any new TV's that Romanoff's take that long had it right here. A little bit Romanoff's. I've been watching that haunting of hill house show. It was it's very spooky. And you know, what the thing about it is at Cartagena just does not seem to age. It's amazing ghost. I don't understand it. She planned to play John Gotti junior in an upcoming bio-pic. I don't know. Maybe that's a weird leap..

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