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So i'm glad you brought up like comical movies and what was supposed to be the jumpstart light according to kevin by was supposed to be to jump start of the marvel universe. Not it wasn't ironman gotta go back further. They are looking at The hulk but they didn't it didn't do well. That was supposed to be the start depending on who you ask but it's like y'all didn't the hocus somebody else was like. Y'all y'all have four different people playing a hulkah- and three of them was like why it was like three d you remember like spawn. Yes is a comic book character and so laid so it was like blade is in the marvel universe. I enjoyed wet halle berry wesley. Snipes in the role. It just got too silly. But i am holding my breath about what's going to happen with herschel. Ali let me again. People don't get blamed the credit it's do not for blade no one. The average the average person didn't know blade was so bad that people went out to go see. this movie. grants isn't a clock is a comic book comic book. They're like oh so getting so blade bomb but it wasn't like this blockbuster hit it. Got people it got people interested in comic book movies now whether marvel congress yes the there was a horrible horrible dolph leonard. Punisher movie that. I just everybody watch. Because it's it's it's it's awful on a level that i you say dolph lundgren played the punisher our way. When does that from early nineties. I think you're talking about. Yeah but the idea of the blade being rated art is what everyone goes. Oh deadpool i like labels. I they also tried to deal with devil. Those movies suck colin farrell. The best part of the deir. Wb and then they tried to do a spin off. And i was like girl. We don't care that much mike. Why electric sake. I turned it off. Like i have like jennifer gardner she. I think she's a she's sweet baby angel house like baby. This ain't it. This is why. I have a hard time picturing ben affleck as a superhero because of daredevil. Unlike i have opinions. Were you guys. But remember remember. Daredevil people had an issue with michael. Clarke duncan being Bane he painted with a making black for like. Why can't he's not. he's not a character where like his ethnicity is a big deal. Yeah it'd be daredevil. Black of be like he's supposed to be red headed catholic kid like you know what i mean like steve rogers right like from hell's kitchen it's like yeah not black people sketching but sure we'll do that is like is right up there with nick fury because i think i don't know if it was in a later x-men joe or not nick. Fury he was white was was has been white. Since the incarnation very they made them lacking an alternate on an alternate universe the ultimate universe the artist bryan hitch hitch. I forget his name. He drew nick fury black and he also specifically drew him to look like samuel..

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