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If they are reelected that makes them just sort of more knowledgeable about what they're dealing with what's what they're going into the white house with still wouldn't zero oh mageed try to run somebody against market evans digging in mauled a 1974 how big could your progressive base have been mauled nothing he knew that marquee was going to die well there as uh hillary pointed out the that was a multicandidate race who was a very strong hauling are you have worked so yeah we're talking about congress run there was a guy named steve mcgraw hill who was a state senator who were very strong and there were a guy named joe cooker research i believe that he will he is croker croker he had been told me mcdonald's chief of staff and talking leonardo was the incumbent congressman knew who died of cancer in a relatively young age and he's actually been john f kennedy roommate and however child and he got elected to congress pretty young and then he died in that was an open the street and croker you'd have the gel whether it was croker showed renewed it ended up being the three of them were really the stronger and then hit eu marquee ran that ad and at transformed lou raised because he had made him appear to be the agent of change and because it was an open done it will allow that congressional district is pretty progress and it's very asked also very progressive and so and and by the way he was ira he was as we know now that sort of a milkman that he.

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