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In the third-place game. And three number five northwestern piece west Lafayette, forty nine to thirty five to win the Hoosier conference playoffs. For network. Indiana sports. I'm Chris Norton. Good evening, everybody. Welcome to network Indiana's, Indiana, sportstalk. Let's talk a little basketball. Nate Hawkins the head coach at. Heritage chills. Big win tonight's. They'd be to tell city filing this when sixty to fifty natives only Saint Vincent sports before Masan day. Congratulations. I know this big match up to good teams. Congratulations on the good win. Yeah. I appreciate Bob. And it was a great win a lot to be played for here tonight for us. We will not game. It's an outright PAC conference championship. We lose it. It's a three way tie for gel city was one of them. So for our kids to come out there and really take care of business, especially in the second half on the defense. Then before I thought was the was the big difference. You know, it just feels real good to be able to get that outside title here tonight. It should and you guys just continue to to roll along. And you've done it in impressive. This has been one of those years for you. We've talked about it you've had expectations high expectations, which your kids just seem to respond as you mentioned you beat a good team tonight. Yeah. Absolutely. And and I it's one of the things we talked about at the, you know, after the game was over with Bob was you know, this is twentieth. Win of the season. Yeah. Just how well we responded early in the year. We went to Washington did not play very well. In category kills beat a little we learn some valuable lessons from that point. Always just playing really really good basketball. And speak tonight was was one of the better ones for us over the phone. This season because we just executed on both ends of the floor and tell you what our six point guard assignments Sherry tonight. He was just he was just electric scores. Sixteen all sixteen about points and the third quarter just a variety of different ways. Got a couple of threes drives to the basket last today. So just really gotta store third quarter to a half. We were we were too. And we skimmed up stretching that out to double figures, and then and then, of course, the fourth quarter. We just held on free throws down the stretch. And it's just a just a great team win for us tonight. Well, you've done this. Now, you you get ready. What's your week? Look like next week. Are you playing tomorrow? Nowhere else off tomorrow. We go to a very good Princeton team Tuesday. Princeton seventeen drawing, right? So on the road that that's I mean, all statuary schedule is just been grading in preparation for the tournament here. So you know, so right now, we will we'll take the weekend off. You know, we'll get together, you know, and the kids get together and. All fired up for the sexual on Sunday. And then we'll we'll next week we go through the Princeton and every senior night against central next Friday. And then here it is post season basketball. He don't forget now Sunday don't forget to send your picture in on Twitter at I h s a one the numeral one Twitter, send those pictures. You got it because that's right. That I got that moat. I'm studying I am study. I am I I've cleared. Well, I'm headed down to watch my grandson place in lacrosse tomorrow. When I get back. I'm spending the rest of my day before I come in to do the show getting ready for the the show. I mean, it's two hours nonstop. You can't make mistakes you have to have a lot of information at your disposal. And you have to be able to reach it in a matter of seconds. And so there's a little bit of work coming up on Saturday or Sunday. I'm telling you. Yeah. I totally understand that Bob in. You know, we really appreciate everything. You're very hours all those Howard on the side you guys put in, but it's a fabulous show. And and I know our kids were they really appreciated. They really good fired for it as well. As all of us coaches around the state, so it'll be it's a fun day. And we're we're just we're ready ready to see where we laying you're very kind. I will tell you that Greg rig straw is an absolute machine you get. It's just insane. How much this guy he'll get in there? And he will let me tell you what he'll do this without notes. I'm just telling oh, my just telling you so be ready for Nate Hawkins from Pera chill. Sixty to fifty wins over tell city conference championship us on the Saint Vincent sports performance outlined Nate. Thanks. Good luck next week. Appreciate it. Bob. Care big ones tonight in Indianapolis. Ben Davis beats cathedral cathedral, number six b d fifty six fifty five winners over the Irish WBZ DG's grant Kobe joins me grant. What a fantastic win for the giants. Von window watch Bob and in a very emotional win. But he seven seniors on senior night is just a fun hard-fought basketball game to watch tonight. Yeah. You know, these guys are sophomores were involved in the in the run to the championship. So yeah, what a what a way to to finish, you know, not the season yet. But the night light tonight get some momentum a big win get ready for the tournament. There's a lot going on in this win. There was and it was really if the giants weren't leading by four after the end of the first quarter cathedral wins that game. The Irish outscored the giants in every single quarter. Besides the first quarter. Ben Davis led fifteen to eleven at the end of one by three at halftime. And it was big and thanks part to Jalen window in that first half scoring nineteen of their thirty two points in that first half ended with twenty three and doin' Jones for the giants had fourteen and the giants held Armand Franklin under his average at twenty one. He averages about twenty six points per game. So they held him in check and just an overall team fundamentally sound win tonight for the giants. All right. So it's close as you mentioned. It's a four point game. At the end of the first is a Dan tight the entire way. It is no team was able to get a handle on this game. Once one team kind of established what they were doing offensively. The other team. Withdrawal up the defense. And then they would throw them off. So it was just a game of adjustments who could make the most adjust right? All I think both teams user all of their timeouts in this one, Bob. So as a very lengthy. But nevertheless, the giants we're in the same exact position. Last friday. You're a member Lawrence north beat them on second tip into win. Fifty five fifty three in the giants and the same exact position cathedral had the ball with about six seconds to score. Or actually they had about two point five. Here's what happened. So Ben Davis scores. They take the lead by one at fifty six fifty five cathedral inbounds, and they're trying to get it across the court and fetal soldiers jumping up and down calling for a time. They finally whistled for a time out as that happens. Time expires the buzzer goes off the game's over the officials come over and they put two and a half left on the clock cathedral sets up a play. They get it to Armand on the baseline. Armand Franklin just unable to the giants winning this one, man. Oh, man. From w b d g the man who had the great fortune and have the call of been Davis. Fifty six fifty five win over cathedral tonight grant covy on the Saint Vincent's sports performance hauling grant, thanks for taking time. I appreciate it. And enjoy the weekend. Thanks, bob. Thanks so much all of our callers on the sing Vincent sports performance hotline, tomorrow, girls, semi states at LaPorte Northfield and Marquette Catholic they're going to be playing and one o'clock. This is in. Matchup. Vincent survey will play university down in Jasper, okay? To a. Logan sport. Okay. Will play central noble Evans. A modern day will play Winchester three eight three. Eight battle is. In at Logan sport Marian northwestern in Jasper, Salem and Benton central and foray at Lepore Hamilton southeastern plays crown point castle. We'll be playing Lawrence north at Jeffersonville. So you get some great matchups all around all over so tremendous tremendous matchups tomorrow go to the game. Enjoy it cinders pictures videos, all that anti-india sports talk hashtag ice tea, have some fun with that all of our conversations tonight every night on the podcast beige on Indian sports dot com. We have a lot of basketball to talk about some big big matchups as you would. Expect at this particular time of the year. Stay with the scoreboard update. Coming up with Chris Norton. I'm Bob level. And this is Indiana sports. The debate about sports specialization by high school athletes continues. 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