Fema, Two Hundred Million Dollars discussed on Jenna & Julien Podcast - Podcast #158 - Clickbait Roulette & Missed Connections


Hi hi rush road drivers of unpaid over two hundred million dollars since then features introduced and they made pickups our way easier now because they have the color coded amp sign the order lift you have a colour on your app and you look for the color of the window hi how are you the same goes and it's very easy to find regrettable that phone objective just you're from guys happy drivers meet happy passengers that's why nine out of ten live frauds get a perfect sat fivestar rating lift treats their drivers right and that makes everything work well because drivers are happy you are happy when you take left and now they're looking for new driver so guys it's a great gig you can make your own hours if you're working part time it certain jobs are unita parttime job or maybe you work hard hours with your existing job and you need just a couple of hours in between were you want to make some money left his grave you go to l y f t dot com slash genitally score yourself a five hundred or new driver bonus and get started with the dope his ridesharing app idea thank you thank you live thank you miandi we doing some missed can you please to me of fema missed connections what can you please place some nice lake soft pno mees and yes searched her monnet it's six eating here we go.

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