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Think that's possible. And if he does have those probably gonna call obviously could have threes or twos every once in a while is slow play. You can have seven six. Of course all those kind of unlikely. Whatever same seven seven but i think you. I think you've got to be pretty happy. To put in the race and the question becomes. How much do we raise. What are we trying to get called by. We're trying to get called by six or a worse full house. They'll probably call a lot. I think the players all in or at least very big. Like i said we are playing two hundred thousand deep. I believe each player has about thirty four and forty four. What's going on your fifteen thousand each in the pot so far something like that. Twelve thousand eight. So they're still playing like one hundred ninety two thousand deep. Can you realistically jam for hundred ninety over. Twenty seven k twenty seven k. Big shot wasn't it. Maybe you shouldn't go for all and then if there's never a player could get away with a big all. I think sam's the type of player who could get away with a big all and and get called by six store like pocket three. But i think most people probably just need to go a little bit smaller like one hundred hundred twenty something like that. What dream spot. Don't be afraid. don't just call just calling would be a disaster. Do not just sometimes you beat by the six in the six and that's okay. Don't be afraid of getting stack. Especially when you have the liberals second nuts how much they say hundred eight size. Maybe he should have gone all in here. I'm not sure. And look if you're in paul shoes. What a miserable spot think about this logically. What could sam actually have for valley. He probably wouldn't bet the turn with six. Let me see either has seven six which you lose to what else seven. Seven two two. You beat lose all that besides tutu. We ever as a six. He probably wouldn't bet too many six on the turn right list six a diamond six five six four eight six nine minutes not a lot of combinations of that and obviously he's not getting great pods in this scenario right has put an eight hundred hundred total of two eighty seven. Look at paul. I don't know if i said. I certainly thought this at the top of the video. Paul does not like to pay off nuts. I say that a lot of hope. I paid that said i allowed mr. Ed said that out loud. Go back and re-confirm he'll get in there and battled but when all the money goes in he tends to want to have the nuts at least in my experience. let's leave. he's gonna active on voter. I would literally never voting. Sam here you really gonna fall. I have a problem where i literally never make a big vote on tv. That's not true and it is the other day of the. Us poker open. I try to not make big goals on. Tv drinking considerate. Excuse me a nice. That's a nice. And i can't believe paul folded and save himself a whole boat of money. All right good job. good work. I never would've made that. I would have been about one hundred thousand pounds poor. Some glad i wasn't in that spot. That's a good luck in your games. Have a great great week. You've not checkout poker coach dot com slash. Free if you like. This clicking likened subscribe buttons below also. Click the notification belsen. You do not miss out on any content. We are putting out on a very regular basis for you here. Youtube dot com slash poker. coaching often. Today did you know this describing to this. Youtube channel will increase your poker win by thirty six percent. Go ahead actually. That was a bluff. You actually have to watch all the content and apply yourself and work hard and put in volume. Sorry about that..

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