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It's time for me to talk about Lago Phoolan Single Malt Scotch fees. May. Lauded it audit. He really do doit. Her her Dardar aided hardaway. Oh, bagpipes, Scottish kilts golf the island of Ice Isola-. If you're a real whiskey lover like me, then you already know the best whisky comes from Scotland and my opinion. The Best Whiskey in all of Scotland is Lagovolin Single Malt Scotch whisky. It's what I drink because I'm handsome and I'm famous, but even if you're not or famous, you'll enjoy the rich PD, smokey flavor, and the lingering sweetness while I'll enjoy the look on your face when you take that first sip of pure golden. Golden Pleasure smart people, like me. No a good single Malt Scotch whisky isn't just a drink. It's an appreciation of the finer things of life. Is it time you separate yourself from the rest of the Bozos out there for yourself some real class, sit back and enjoy the art of doing nothing with Lagovolin, Scotch whisky and feel what it's like to live. The good life for a change brought to you by Lago villains single. Malt Scotch whiskies forty three to fifty six point, five percent alcohol by volume imported by. New York new. York one more thing. Please drink responsibly. And we're back with run PODCAST WE'RE LISTENING TO RUN list his ten people. He would like to meet in Heaven Yes. Here's a controversial one I'd like to be John.

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