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Yeah i think that's the number um you know hopefully hopefully a few more this year were looking forward i i uh been lucky though these guys have been great students and great players i you know twitter and social media i i i never knew that i'd be uh be on all platforms but i'm out there and i'm watching and and uh follow these guys um you know the tricky part is when i dodge camera we've got a graduate that's going to the japanese qualifying school right now so you know digging those scores on the internet or always fun and interesting but um yeah we keep a good you know a good a good record of them we we track are alarms on um we have a team dedicated website which is really neat that we've built over the years getting bob stevens who's a wonderful member here at stanford golf courses is really helped us there is a gem um uh you know kind of an asset of our program that doesn't get enough recognition but we gotta history gauge their so we've got we track a lum's as far back as we know and have them updates their page stuff like that stanford men's golf that works um but yeah there's there's it is hard it's there's a lot of guys out there and a lot of guys to try and and um this time of year all the all the alone zor either happy because they don't have to go to school or cringing 'cause uh a big week is ahead of them are a few weeks so um it's exciting time of year all right well we can leave it at that conrad said joining thanks for listening and had to gulf dot com and subscribe to golf magazine dot com podcasts all your needs until next time on your host.

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