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It began excited I'm excited for two thousand nineteen where here man, I mean, this is the midterms are over all the votes are in. Now, it's time to start talking twenty twenty the cycle begins anew seems like just yesterday. We were talking about is it gonna be jab. Or is it gonna be tad? To Democrats announced thrown their name in the ring. Isn't that exciting there like they they answered the call of axl rose to get in a ring fuckers? David pecker. Not to say, I'm surprised David pecker is not mentioned in getting the ring right next to Guccione junior. Dig the new. A world where axl rose was tough really thought. He was. Just as a very quick aside. Vince Neil's that like three times AXA rose told him that. Yeah. Fight you meant to meet me in this parking lot. And these these guys are like the two biggest Rockstars in the world. Into the parking lot to find him an ex arose never showed. He never showed person acts rose ever got new fight with Tommy hilfiger and Tommy hilfiger beat the shit out. Because he thought that he. Rose was I found this great book your favorite band is killing me. And he said Tommy hilfiger said that axl rose threatened him. And he thought that he was like about to fight one of the most dangerous Erica. Punched. Man. That's when white people had clout. Idea that you could look like axl rose sound like axl rose, not to malign the great voice of axl rose. But the idea that he's threatening that is a door. I love it. So speaking of threaded, Julian Castro out of Texas, he has thrown his name in the ring for the Democrats. And again as I mentioned earlier Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii. So were already starting to see people entering the fray and saying for sure they're going to run for president already have two people. Now, let's go back to two thousand sixteen. We had a total. I believe a five in Lincoln Chafee wasn't their web with. What was the name of the the Harvard? Professor Leszek less again, letting Leonard Lessig. Yeah. What was his name? I can't remember Warren Lessing, Warren Leszek. Fucking politician name. Who else did they Hillary? And then there was the web of Jim Webb. And then there was the Baltimore mayor. That's right. The guy who played guitar the guy that the Baltimore mayor that car Keti in the wire was based on my own, Molly, right? Martin o'malley. O'malley? Yeah. It was it. So we already have two and then Hillary and Bharti so we had six total in two thousand sixteen. We already have two and a lot more people, you know, jesting that they will be running, and they will be I am quite excited markets, and I were talking before the show, I hope that they don't go to dirty in the personal politics. Yeah. I hope they let people stay alive in don't just malign them, so hardcore personally and slander them so hardcore personally that when they get to a general. It's a it's a battle of who sucks last again again because God knows when you're a pig who loves wallowing in shit like Trump does. He's so good at it. He really is a great, you know, pig shit wrestler. He's the best wrestler. There is we don't need to send somebody who is fully scathed or the Democrats send somebody who has been been throw. You know, drawn through the muck that they look just like Donald Trump, and then we have similar reoccurrence. But who knows? Yeah. I hope to just get into policy issues, which will be really exciting. I think it'd be real. I think I think these this will be a good thing is be some good primaries. I think we can look forward to some, you know, I think okay debate possibly I mean after the midterms I think we've proven that some of the more progressive candidates can actually do. Well, I think just as well as beta Rourke did in Texas shows, you then I think some progressive ideas might be able to get through..

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