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Get the demons away from me fatty yelp review for that i've been yeah well that was quite a revelation revelation from pauliina really wasn't expecting that so you're these people in wisconsin they quit their real jobs this isn't a real job but they're like i dunno electricity more typical professions to go opening out pack a farm what would you do you what do you do right now i'm a teacher especially teaser god bless you you're gonna quit the special ed job and you're going to become hike in poland and probably more and what like be a tour guide tour on a tour guide okay it'd be poor and she'd be like maybe you'd be happier natured sewer guide we go but you don't do that 'cause nature tour guide isn't necessarily pay the bills you don't necessarily you know you don't know where you're gonna get your i don't know how much money you're gonna make where you go live you got benefits like no right now you have all that stuff so you just do it every day it'd be fun to be one of the guides on architecture tour boats i don't think it would be fun at all in the sun all day the same spiel you don't get to know janice jackson mike janice hey guys.

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