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The lakefront and its warmest right now and Juliet where it's sunny and 77 degrees. W BBM News time for 20. Our top story this hour. President Trump is getting back in full campaign mode after his bout with Cove in 19, while Joe Biden stays busy on the campaign trail as well, we'll hear from both presidential candidates coming up at 4 31. The head of the local better Business Bureau, says there are more scams in operation trying to take advantage of people during the pandemic than they can count. So beware. Steve Burns, president and CEO of the Better Business Bureau of Chicago in northern Illinois, says scam artists had been creating fake websites selling non existent products and services related to the Corona virus, pandemic and stealing people's money. And I think a lot of websites that have you know, fixes and cures for the cove. It 19 specifically. On how to deal with that he saysthe. Sheer numbers and sophistication of some of these operations can be overwhelming taken by advertisements on Google another search engines, so guess what their their scam website appears at the top as an ad And most consumers know made the first two positions are advertisements. But some consumers don't realise that and know that so they think it's a verifiable company that's been around for a long time. And and sometimes Craig, it feels like the better business Bureau is a whack a mole game. As we get one website down, another white website pops up, Ernest says. If you're dealing with an online merchant, you don't know. Check them out at the bureau's website, BBB dot org's before you give anyone your money, Craig Della More news radio 105.9 FM.

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