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Since like there was a lot going on here and of course that just touches the very surface but roof yeah let's worthy of luxi yeah i mean this is really sad a pretty young girl murdered let's check ago okay will look into that one to okay final one alcott positions sandra love your podcast i eagerly wait for years to download each week mayor suggests the delphi indiana murders of teenagers abby and liby unsolved murder that took place only a short time ago and despite there being pictures and audio the killer or killers we need as much publicity as possible seek justice for these darlene girls and their families so the the quickie thing about this this is february of this year two thousand seventeen the bodies of abby williamson the german discovered on an american hiking trail and delphi indiana so they were just off for the data to do little hike the disappeared from the same trail the previous day the murders have received significant media coverage due to the fact that a photo in audio recording of a man believed to be the girls murderer was found on a cell phone of liby yes slough actually since we got the feedback together at gotten several more letters about this case abbey in libya went missing on february thirteen and on the 14th valentine's day their bodies were found now the next day police released a photo of a man walking the trail at the time the girl's disappearance a thirty one year old man named daniel nations was arrested in colorado last week and he is a person of interest he was arrested for not showing up to check in with his parole officer and he is actually a convicted sex offender so he was homeless and he was in the delfi area at the time of the girls disappear it so we'll keep our eye on this one but hopefully if there.

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