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To go slower slower as quieter so he likes that emit the the you know moving around um iran iceland greenland isn't as hard as it used to be in the cold war these days for for rushing sought so they send an oscar um which doesn't have to snorkels again it can go pretty slow teach pre our position sneina slide died in to um uh into the you know i uh the the tip of greenland let your drone go egipt up into baffin bay parks out outside of school which is not too far from the coast pops off the um several metric tons of a new uh a nuclear warhead and they the blast damaging the fireball alone and not to mention that the radioactive surge of water pretty much takes care of that radar installation opening up a gap in the line for those warheads from slipping off we taken out satellites are gone and and the cyber attacks a continuing all kinds of disinformation slowing over the communications network everybody's yelling and everybody else what is to be done but the shoot order is not obvious because there are other explanations be size in the incoming russian nuclear attack but there is a whole in the screen and this is going to the everything's having simultaneously but we're going to take these in pieces first the landbased part of the triad the harden missile sites that you've written about how they're going to do those so the um what of choice there could there are other ways of that the united states nato and and allies around the world paths ucf as conventional nuclear weapon um icbms i'll have been marched from the silos and then from targeted in from citing russia um they know where to look ballistic missiles argument icdms suffer very predictable trajectory predictable arc you know where they're going you know where they're coming from you set up radars to stand for it that's great except russia's working on warheads that can be delivered with gliding vehicles.

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