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Thirty nine point six percent three is really good he shoots a very good besides three consistently and he likes to shoot a three right. So that's only gonna add to whatever exposure likes to do live dribble handoff. And that's only gonna help because he can shoot basically from any kind of situation offhand. Dos drill me off ball screens cash. Shoot you know pulling in transition. That's only going to help the miami heat from that angle too. Because they're gay guy at least it's gonna continue to add to the three point shooting and that was something. They struggled with plausible been. That's where the struggle at times in the regular season came a little dependent on dunkin. Robinson gonna take less pressure of doug robinson to be the only consistent three point shooter and pressure off tyler hero to be consistent three point. You're off the bench having another guy who can really shoot the three and shoot it insured. Any way is only going to put more pressure on the defense to have to adjust and pay attention to a guy like kyle lowry. So that's a big benefit. They're going to get from him. Being at three point shooter that i think really can help his team in a positive direction and again the nba's about three point shooting right so the more consistent three points years get in how they can create their own shot in how they can do it. The better right. The nba sky turned to gore base leak. Having the ability to shoot and shoot consistently is something that is so valued upon. Because they look at guys like steph curry damian lillard klay thompson trae young. Look at the way. These guys can shoot the basketball. That only helps adds value of guys. Like cow larry playing on a team that likes to shoot the three like rather rather offense to get three point shots through constant motion. So that's all that's gonna help that. Sue and again. You don't have to rely on the constant motion to Shot and get into a three point shot as well so that also as after tip so now in terms of where i see. Miami miami has the better position But this doesn't make them a championship team by by no stretching immagination and makes them more of a team that you know you have to wracking because they have you know three legitimate stars in their team now. But they're not i. They're there for their august second round team the best in the eastern conference in my opinion. So that's kind of way. I look at it and analyze it from that lens. Because they just don't have enough star power beat teams like milwaukee. I land personally better than still. I think that brooklyn's definitely better and you can argue phillies better right. So like so the there'll be a team that can compete to try in the second row but it all really depends on how these guys play in. How good the other guys. That are the role players. Make the adjustments. So that's how it is to. Where's that quick commercial break. But when i come back to talk about what the dallas mavericks need in free agency all backup when we return tired of searching the.

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