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Paxton just riding it out right out. He's supposedly supposed to be back in the next end as yeah, so she should be back in time. Like I said, either that he's series or the Texas one, he's he's a matchup proof guy just going to start in there. So it's unfortunate, but that's where we're at with Paxton. All right. Let's dive into our main topic here and we're gonna talk about these final couple of weeks. I think just and you said you can't feel any shame and cutting guys at this time of year because you just have to make tough decisions and you can't just go off of the long track record. You do have to get a little bit more short sample focus. So I wanna talk about some new studs versus some establish duds. Basically, we're looking at a second half performances here of guys at each position. Lor unexpected guys who are surging versus the established guys that you rely on who aren't coming coming together with their performance. So we'll get some WRC plus numbers as the jump off point, and I'll give you guys some stats on what they're doing this year. Let's start behind the dish catcher. And we have Kurt Suzuki versus Wilson. Contrary Kurt Suzuki for the season for the second half has won twelve WRC plus not crazy, but it's well higher than Wilson controllers seventy two Mark. And then if you look at just over the last thirty days, the split becomes even more devastating. One ninety three to sixty five Zukis on one and Wilson chairs cannot get anything going. He doesn't have a single home run in eighty four point appearances. Nine runs nine ribs. Whereas in fifty, seven plate appearances Zouqi has four homers seven runs ten rubies he is splitting time, but he's making the most of it when he does hit. So Justin where you're going to go between Suzuki traders coming down the stretch here. It's it's Suzuki and I don't think it's particularly close. I mean if you look at Wilson what he's done since August I he has one home run since August. I and it was on August. I wow. In that time he has. Thirty seven swing percentage. He's only making contact sixty eight percent of the time. It's not usually good conduct. There's nothing in this profile that nine homers on the year, jeez, sorry to interrupt you, but that's crazy. Yeah, he feels this feels like a situation that if there we were in may or June, and he was doing this that he gets sent down and I don't think the cubs right now can just do that to, you know, send him out somewhere to work on stuff, but he definitely needs to rework something because it's obviously not working. I think, yeah, I think you have to drop him in pick up a guy like Kirk Zouqi, Jason, you feel the same with control versus Kurt Suzuki. It's weird looking at contrary, because if you look like. If you look across like he's still getting on base in the exact same time of the power, something obviously not right for just for this, something's not right. We don't know what it is something right conversely with with Suzuki. My concern at thirty five. He's definitely displaying the old man skills at this point. A lot of fly balls. A lot of his poll percentage gone up three straight seasons now, these percents. Yeah, he's on forty five forty one forty five forty nine fifty three. And then as his fly ball ground ball, one, three one one one zero one zero eight and zero eight again. And so we're to the old man skills again and there's more risk associated with that. Continuing at his age. I do like that. He doesn't play every day doesn't have to. He plays in the plays in the match ups that are advantages to him and as always ready. Let's not forget. He platoons with another right handed bat tower fireworks. So as a matter of which which. Type of pitcher is he the guy, the faces, the power guys, Vanessa guys, the guys at work up in the zone, the guys that work down zone clearly land has something that they've been able to find with him and and get the safe Dessaint players, Suzuki. The higher upside is going to be contrast to me boy. Eating pumpkin pie scream boy just brought me so sorry. All right. Let's move over to first base. This was the only one where where the established died does have an WRC plus over one hundred just because his peak areas and some of the more dud guys that were at the very bottom just they wouldn't be any competition for talent white..

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