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Sense of like these lies that say knee that for whatever reason are you know the this is i mean there there's no way that really analyze it it's just it's silly it's dumb you know and and and you know same with like the total randomness of you're going to chop down a tree with a herring you know or go find a shrubbery you know it's just it's just total silliness but you have the knee of life for brian where you know again it's like they they really found a way to combine their style of humor and they're like you know one of their need to subvert expectations and and stick it to the man with that they're able to do that with characters that we really care about um you know like an end in i think they are acting generally is is better in this one like there there was a sinoe kimmel would seen it was but it's where it cuts from michael palin during one role to michael palin doing another role in the next scene and you'd ever wants question it you know you never once like you're not bothered by it at all and i think goods across the board all these guys were just in life for o'brien is firing on all cylinders and i think a lot of that is due to the fact that they the the life of bryan the sat generally appeared to be just way more smoothly ron and everybody was happier you know and things were going pretty well a little ventures they have a slightly better places to sleep at night yeah yeah everything was a little bit more comfortable so i don't know it's really hard because they're they're they're so different and emma area even i have the same sentence.

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