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V. fan that was that was here we before you and I were they got to see the championship teams in the nineties early nineties with coach star and of course that running gun team that won in ninety issued a warning ninety one as well but the end of the day talked a great job here and was a legend and we all remember whether you were in Seattle I was back injuries here in California you know after moving out west you know just watching those great Tarkanian teams even when we were kids you know we remember the Reggie Theus teams and condo on those guys so great tradition here and it's been tough to kind of live up to those numbers apart put up for all those years but I think you're right I think coach shot will do a great job real quick as far as your Seattle Seahawks I know you still have their cause listen I I let Russell Wilson I think he's just one of those guys that is not only great for the team on the field but also off the field I think is just a super person you take on that team because now they go from the one seat to the five seat do you think they'll be able to get Sam Fran in that last game up there twelve man's always come into play but they struggled up there more so than on the road this year yeah but I yeah that one game for all the marbles I like our chances and I tell everyone of my niner fan buddies that I took no joy in those couple years there were San Francisco was quote unquote rebuilding I love it when it's the Seahawks and the forty Niners which is beating on each other because it's hard to get up for the Arizona Cardinals including so I love I love the fact that this why glorious back I look at is going to be the last game of the season and everything's going to be on the line and you like how I'm skillfully avoiding answering your question right now yes very nice no I think the hawks I think the hawks will prevail home because here's the one thing that they do they play a big in big time games Russell Wilson is big in big time games and it's gonna be close can be a great fight I like the hawks on December twenty ninth yeah and I liken this we can Caroline the reason being the office did not score a touchdown against the rams rams playing good solid ball but they're gonna go to Caroline it then they get errors on at home all these games are big because you can't lose one and have San Francisco run the table otherwise you could end up by being at five seems that one see so it's gonna be a lot of fun and its C. A. F. C. as well chip you can and now that we've connected love to get you back on the show but first off thank you so much for what you do for the best value for all these years there are so many people that speak through me right now they want to just thank you and they see it on the news on every news station that you were just doing what you love what you enjoy and what you've made a tradition year in year out here in the Vegas valley god bless your outstanding amount it's really amazing that you would say that it is a privilege and an all too for twelve days a year show the world what a great amazing caring communities that this is and and and honestly would sign up find another thirty seven hundred by about thirty seven hundred five so you need to find another two hundred twenty nine thousand dollars and we need to fill another eleven trucks between now and Monday morning at ten AM and a lot of thirty four scalpel bless her just west of Jones if you don't think I'm here combined just yell I will come out and wave I can't promise how many fingers all you I will come out a winner Hey now real quick how do people go online or how can they make donations chat if they're not gonna be able to drive by and see you in person that's true because the show is worldwide if you are not in Las Vegas we still want to help out you can go to the help of southern Nevada's website to help us N. B. dot org and there's a donate button and then just at the drop down and and there's a place there for twenty drive in this it's easy to do yeah it's easier to do now because you have a little extra corn because ravens covered for you forty two twenty on the final right on man thanks so much for your time I gotta go hop on to you to see if that's okay you got it yet thank you so much for taking time out but thanks so much for having me I really enjoyed it me too great stuff Jeff you can an iconic radio personality for many many years but here in Vegas value were fortunate to have them nineteen of the twenty one years now on this tour drive and you heard him better than seven months up there on the scaffold different areas but for the last thirteen at the envy energy location we take a break we come back yes G. P. Scotto joined will talk a minute Phil football Steve physic our number two NDS go bottom of our number two man we are loaded tonight want to throw back Thursday live in does he stayed inside a beautiful vision blotto one a new one one five seven seven twenty AM KGW N. on yours can Thompson if you missed.

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