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But don't like twist the fate. You know, like if it works out if you're at the wedding, and he's flirting with yellow or hitting it off, and it's happening organically. Then like, then you have a leg to stand on with your friend where you're like, look it just happens like, we're hitting it off. But I wouldn't like force yourself in there. Now, you don't even know if you like this guy. So how about before you get to like is it okay to flirt? Why don't you just talk to the guy? You don't ignore him. You did go you were third wheel at stagecoach. So you're friendly with him because you've spent a day with him, even if you were the one like on the sideline so just talked him. And if you and then if you're kind of like getting a sense of his personality, and you're like damn really am interested, and you can clearly tell he's interested, then I'm sorry. I don't talk to my friend. But at this point, right? Then you talk to her then you talk to her because then you do know that you're interested in him. Because right now, you said you don't want to talk because you don't know if you like the sky, so wait, you don't you don't need to be like super super flirty. But also like, you know, just be. Just just be chill about it. And then and then only talk to your friend, if you clearly like him, you both have mutual chemistry. Right. Yeah. Are angry? What else we got in the mailbox? Okay. This one is from an anonymous listener, Noni writes, one of my best friends got engaged recently. And I really want to speech at her wedding. I really love both bride and groom I feel like I have great stories to tell about both the bride and groom usually people only have good stories about one person. I feel like and I've seen their whole relationship progress since the first date, I feel so a part of this relationship. I've never been asked to give a speech at a wedding. And honestly, I haven't wanted to until now I've already written like most of it. That is really nice. What is the proper etiquette.

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