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Jacksonville where we reach it must be, I'll occasionally poke someone in the eye. Second or third or twenty fifth. Your heart can handle that Java Joel new research from Queen Mary university of London questioning past research, that seemed to indicate the coffee stiffened arteries and increase the risk of heart attack, or stroke. They tested thousands of coffee drinkers in the UK, the heaviest coffee drinkers down five cups day. But at least one tested drink, as many as twenty five cups a day, the finding no link between coffee consumption and stiffer arteries, the findings related to both regular coffee and decaf. Yeah. I don't drink that much coffee. I don't drink any coffee fact. I don't think I've ever had a Cup of coffee. I've tasted coffee ice cream and I thought it was the most vile thing I've ever tasted of like. Oh, God, this just vile. But no, I don't want any of that. I like t- though, right? I drink a lot of joy twenty-five cups of tea probably not. But I do drink a lot of teen. That's good to know that that's not, you know, I'm assuming it's a lot of has to do with the caffeine twenty-five cups, though, man. You realize that my mom because that's like my mom would do my mother, loved coffee hundred twenty degrees outside. She's like a nice hot coffee. Maybe some ice coffee. Oh, goodness me. Yeah, but the coffee. So if your coffee drinker out there it is all good kids. It's all good. Enjoy your coffee. It's not gonna kill you at least Cording to this study. Now we all know that there are other studies out there. Right. We all know that. But according to this study, you I three two three five three twenty four twenty three at Chadbensonshow. Is your Twitter. You could tweet at us love hearing from immigration. The battle is going on and on and on. And it's not gonna go anywhere anytime soon, and we continue to talk about the fact that I first of all, not a huge fan of these tariffs. And Secondly, I think this is vitally important. We gotta fix the amnesty rules. We absolutely must fix the amnesty rules it has to happen. It does watching those thousand people pour across the board of the other day was it was a thousand people came into your country. We don't know who any of these people are and within a couple days in some cases hours, they're going to be released into our country. That's that is not a winning situation. That is not how you control your border and your country regardless of why they came here. Most of them are fleeing violence or you check onomic hardship. So they feel it's better to travel thousand miles dangerous, maybe in the hands of cody's than stay home. Yeah. But what do we do? We're giving money to Guatemala is funny, ever great critical talking about. Well, you know, we're trying to help Guatemala. We're giving them money except for the UN has a big report out say that they are one of the most corrupt governments from top to bottom from the smallest municipality worker. They have all the way up to the top. It is just nothing. But corruption, why are we throwing that kind of money away? What are we getting? What's our ROI return on investment, nothing? Nothing. It's putting pressure on our services. Our schools are communities, especially throughout the south west, and it's, it's joke. Let's fix the amnesty rule. Let's figure out what we need to do to help these countries. Get on some, some steady ground. But this is ridiculous three two three five three eight twenty four twenty three at Chad Benson show..

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