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More was golf going Stein and start with a cinematic sound and just a hint of Broadway. It topped the modern rock chart for five weeks at the end of one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety holding off hits by Morrissey and the Happy Mondays. Thanks to the sisters of Mercy Jim Steinman a man who'd previously topped Billboard's pop and Adult Contemporary Charts now have the top all truck hit in America. Around the time, the sisters of mercy were number one Jim Steinman reconnected with his old friend and collaborator Meatloaf the too long settled their legal disputes and in a later interview Steinman said quote working together again seemed like the cool thing to do unquote. MEATLOAF had kept his career afloat in the late eighties by touring extensively but he hadn't had a serious hit in years and in their time apart Steinmann had written so many songs that so easily could have been meatloaf's one of these was from a short-lived nineteen, eighty-nine steinman project,.

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