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You don't have pain throughout the body. So i look at that indo. 'they liam and even the lining of the endothelium the quake cakes as primary biohacking territories and the idea that you can use feedback any system in the body where you can get. External feedback will improve more quickly. Than if you just sit there and try and look at it. Even if you're a meditation guru santa cave and you can make your your thumb or your hand. Get really hot here and there are guys who can do that. They can change ten degrees by temperature. Hook thermometer up to it and show them the thermometer and they can do it faster. So feedback is just valuable in this feedback on system. Most people don't know you can measure or have any impact on but it has been around for ten plus years on it does compete with with chemicals which i think always a good thing to do. I'll write. would you be up for a question or two. From the upgrade collective members would love to alright. John's got his hand up. But i can't tell if that's because he wanted to ask a question or he just left his hand. Upjohn since your hands up. Woody have to say actually. The question was really about the pots because I got a couple of daughters that both get light headed miss and we give them salt. They keep salt with them so that they can. You know not stop doing their activities in that raises a breath blood pressure just enough to eliminate the problem. And when i heard you talking about how you could learn to control blood pressure with this. I thought maybe that would work. But i wrote you the the question in a text and you really already really already screen that question. So i don't and the pots is actually originated from lime. It's not it's really lime related. The doctor told it's not actually butts a right. 'cause it's from lime. It's not really pots yet. Thank you said it is but that most people would treat the pots and not treat the lime. She said of retreat the line and just do the salt For the pots at this pot system symptoms would improve in. so that's how we approached it. You know how are they doing with their lime treatment overall like are they winning no I'd say i'd say they've improved quite a bit but there's a lot of ups and downs for both of them. Yeah so then. I'd even turned this over today in his experience but yet the i agree with the doctor in this case i mean you obviously need some hacks to get the blood pressure up immediately. I don't know if zone is the right tool to do that. There's money back guarantee you can try. It can work. You only need one of them for both your daughters so they can try to doesn't work send it back and we'd love to hear the results from it. I should have mentioned that this one of those things where it was like sixty or ninety days some long amount of time. I don't remember what it is. It's on the websites guys. Don't quote me on that but you can try to look. I did it. You really need to do it for about four six weeks or something. Pretty regularly to start seeing the numbers change. They won't change. the. I say there is ninety days so you can try it for in two months and say okay. I got the results. I could see my blood pressure. Or i didn't and then send it back so i i just think that's a that's the biggest vote you can have of confidence when nine days is plenty of time to see the results and and so it's like either is gonna workers not gonna work and for specific cases of lyme. Some lime co infections things like barnala will infect the endothelium in fact there's a chronic number of people probably tens of millions in the us alone who have stuff living in their endothelium slow growing bacteria. And certainly something that i dealt with before Does doing this kind of training with zona were training into the feeling. Does it affect the co-infections that come with lime. No idea no idea. But you treat lime and you use zone. I mean she's going to have an idea. You don't have a clinical study but you have an idea so again so we're dealing with so there is an dible nitric oxide. Synthase is inside the endothelium right. So if there's an infection they are producing crazy amounts of nitric oxide that does disrupt the normal functioning of feeling sales and the normal functioning of the endothelial nitric oxide synthesis. So essentially you. You're releasing. Gobs and gobs and gobs of nitric oxide to try and get the innate immune system working so it kills off the invader and so the rest of the the nitric oxide synthesis as well. We're gonna take the day off. 'cause we got plenty nitric oxide here so at Down regulates the normal functioning there. So i would think that if once the body got on top of the infection a little bit and the Down regulated that it would disown would help restore normal function there But if it's an active infection with inflammation going on there who knows but in terms of recovery absolutely. Okay that's a. That's a very very cool answer. We have one more question from the upgrade collective. Today's susan go for it and thank you for this wide-ranging ranging and very interesting conversation about a lot of different on cardio benefits. My question is around the actual use of it so do switch hands stand up sit down you know what are the best ways or the optima ways to get results and where do you find people making mistakes that we would like to pay attention to. If we're going to start this between gregg questioned the only mistake you can make is not doing it. It really it walks you through. So it's a little handheld device. It walks through the exercise as long as you are using the feedback. And either it tells you the squeeze lesser squeeze more. It's that simple. And then at the end it gives you a score bap during those two minutes. What percentage where you in the proper zone and as long as you're above seventy percent for the two for the entire exercise you're okay so there's really you can't mess this one up. This is simple as it gets. You just have to get started and squeeze and takes about. Thanks about eleven minutes. I think total because paul one minute pause in between you go back and forth times but it's it's as simple as you can get. You cannot literally cannot mess it. Up doesn't matter if you've got the grip strength of dave asprey or you know you've got a carpal tunnel can't squeeze very hard. It's all calibrated to what you're able to do so you don't have to be the hulk and to make this work either..

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