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Date 29 29th in the metal November 29th in the Meadowlands. There's no wins Those winds that are supposed to be in the middle and help ourselves saying somebody go open up a garage door somewhere here in the building, Get those winds swirling again. It's Right blue skies temperature in the low fifties but happy Thanksgiving out there to everybody. Hope you had a great one. I know it's been trying times interesting times. We're here on an empty stadium here met Life Stadium as the Dolphins take a 13 to 3 lead with 5 23 to go. Mentioned Jason Sanders. They used a draft pick on him back in 2018 7th round pick. He was at a new Mexico state that used to kick it in the altitude. I had to go down to the humidity in Miami but hasn't mattered. It has a matter. It doesn't matter in all of his kicks that tooth that he's made from 54 51. Today, they would be good probably from 60, but he's clearly crossbar with plenty of distance. And, of course, Ryan Fitzpatrick is Just carving out the Jets. Right now. His former team on the field goal makes it a 13 to 3 games. You know, in his first game, talking about Ryan Fitzpatrick, his first game against The Jets down in Miami six weeks ago. He he threw two interceptions that game. That wasn't the reason why he was then replaced by two a tongue of a low, But there's a couple that got away from a month. Sure, Jets watch those interceptions on week saying what we get Fitzpatrick and that's what they said they had a plan in case to a started in case Ryan Fitzpatrick started but So far, the plane against the fashion really hasn't worked for the Jets, Fitzpatrick 17 of 22 480 yards and a touchdown. Listen to Greg Williams Talk about if it's Patrick Leahy said. We have a what if plane So what? If you know the backup quarterback? In this case, it's passion starts well so far. You might have to just have a little bit so Jason Sanders kicks off also, and he kicks this one high and Vincent Smith gonna take it right to the goal line is gonna take it out to the tent cuts back left. 15 hops over defender of the 22 flag flies down a Smith goes down at the 21 yard line 22 yard line. Looks like it be a flag on the return against the Jets during the return legal blocking the back against the return team number 89. That penalty will be enforced. Have to this is the gold from the spot of the foul first down in New York. So that will back up the Jets is Chris Herndon is flagged on hell march of all the way back to the seven yard line, Terrible field position. He just wonder just on these returns. Aren't you just better off just taking the ball to 25, especially when you get penalties like this. I mean the difference between what you could do in the playbook from the 25 versus the seventies meets. It's over Half the playbook gets reduced when you're up to seven years ago. 6 FT. £325.23 Year old Sam Darnell's takes the shotgun snap hands it off to the Angels from one Frank Gore. He buries his head of the pile and struggles to get a yard out to the eight You got Donald 23 years old Frank or 37 Core broke off the 60 yard run last week. It was the, uh he's the oldest player in NFL history to run. For 60 yards. Well, he's third all time right now in Russia, and, of course, Emmitt Smith of Walter Payton. And you know if he keeps playing, he might get to number two second and nine on their own eight. Donald out of the gun takes, the staff dropped back to the goal line sends to go round the back view before slides down right around the original line of scrimmage. Yes, coming up to make the stop was the leading tackler that dolphin defense, the linebacker Jerome Baker, third down and nine coming up here for the Jets at their own eight yard line. And this is where really the Dolphins Right there best. They're excellent, Third down defense. They got a variety of ways to get to the quarterback, and then they've got some of the best cover corners in all of football In Byron Jones and Saving Howard, locking up your wide receivers forth in the NFL in points allowed number two on third down, Donald dropped back to the end zone fires a slant memes with our great grand across the 20 running near side, 30 try to turn the corner and he shoved, it abounds. A little bit here side by Byron Jones out to the market that amount of the 38 yard line. It's a gain of 30 on that 39. It's the youngsters hooking up Donald to mem. Yeah, they played his own defense that time who was weirdly They dropped their defensive ends, and they blitzed everybody inside and Sam Donald just stayed in the pocket. And really, Denzel. Men's was just coming across in his own defense. There's nobody on it was great catch by. Alou called just with his fingertips. Yes, caught 10 of the backhand for the ball first instead of the old 38. Donald takes the snap inside, handoff, Gonna go for a couple of yards. That's it. Ty Johnson on the carry that time for the Jets out to the 39 again of a yard. They give him a second and nine coming up that Ty Johnson has got the Jets longest run by running back this year. 34 yard and they're hoping that he could pop on. But Don't know what kind of vision he has drafted with six rounds last year cut hadn't really gotten many opportunities. That was by Detroit Years wave drafted in the sixth round by the lines last year. Take the stat faked the handoff. Donald pressure to his right being chased on the run gets rid of it. The Gore he's got along the sideline. It is Momenta. Mom took him out of bounds at the 45.

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