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I think that that was an interesting little addition to help on the iphone. They're adding more trends. Stuff was very much a thing of like. Oh well they're already doing that. They they're just really adding more and going in the direction they've already gone and then the lab lab integration and sharing stuff with your health provider. My response was. This is all great. Will it actually work with providers right because that's always the question is it's great that you've got the ability to share your data with your health provider. It's great you've got the ability to get this labs data in and out of your device but the asterisk is always. It only works with three partners that we've worked. So what's what's the end result there. I think the end result is probably that in a few years this will be much more usable. But it's doubtful to me that something like that's going to happen anytime like immediately. It's more like oh yes great You can share with your provider. We will the maker of the enterprise system that provides that data to my provider will update it software to do that in for years. Okay well i'll see you. Then i guess the thing that most users would care about was the family kind of schering of health data. Yeah and that was again. I joked about it earlier. But there's just a lot of family stuff in this in this set of releases and it's funny because the family feature that a lot of us wanted in terms of photos is just never going to come. Apparently but that they did try to come up with some of these ideas so the idea that you can share health data with people in your family. That's i think especially going to be strong for things like the elderly sharing with their kids. How they're doing or other people who are helping them out. I can see that as a real advantage. And then i'll throw in there another thing that they mentioned. Which is this sort of with apple ideas with the legacy stuff. The idea that I was talking to slack with glenn fleishman. Who does mac nine one one the column at macworld and he said one of the top questions that he gets is about people who died and the apple. Id kinda gets off. And it's a huge problem and so apple addressing that directly. You know these are all kinda like looking at the bigger picture of. It's great thing that was part of icloud. Plus which is we're going to get to wasn't so much but it's that idea that you've got data that you wanna keep private secure and all that but you don't want to make it a silo that nobody can get into. And then they seem to have built a bunch of you know they always say secure and private but like abilities to set up a sharing relationship and say no this this person like my mom shares. Some of her apple watch health data with me like that make sense right and so they seem to be headed down that path. What about privacy. They had like a whole section on privacy. We mentioned the male privacy protection thing. They're expanding the website privacy. Report thing that you get in safari out to apps and is doing a couple of things as well as a showing you what system things the the apple requiring select location data. Contact the things you said. The the apps can have access to but showing you when and how often they're being so what's really smart about that. Granting permission right and they they've done this granting permission thing. I would argue that. Maybe they've overdone it. Where it's it's extra confusing like you. Can't they ask you increments. So they're like geo wanna share location and then later it's like do. Are you sure you want to share location for all time. And then later it'll come back and say look at where you've been. You've been sharing your location with this app. Are you sure you wanna do that. I think it's too much. I think that they're there. That's one of those cases. Where apple is kind of overdoing it. Because they're treating us like babies who have to be dumb user us share location with your weather app right. Did you wanna do that. Why would you want your weather app to no way. So what's smart about this new feature is if you grant permission you get to see when it's used and i liked that i like the idea that it's like it's not just on granting this audio app permission to record my use my microphone but i can look and see when it used the microphone and this is a way to give you. I guess to see nefarious uses. But also give you pri peace of mind like you can see when this particular permission was actually used. I think that's smart. And they're also kind of expanding and bringing in some of the web based stuff into apps to which was really interesting so showing if an application is talking to things on the web what they are. They're bringing a lot of their stuff directly into apps that the idea is. Your app is going to have a privacy report third party. Domains access by the app are going to be listed. This is all real at least at this point. It's a very much a disclosure kind of thing but this is all just apple. I would say ratcheting up. Its own the details right. But i would think that they're going to be app. Developers who made uncomfortable by this. Because it's going to expose more information about what they're apps are doing to users who care about it and what's interesting to this doesn't seem like it's a policy change right. It's just a disclosure so it's not apple saying we're blocking third party app domains. It's it's apple saying we're going to list all third party app domains that your app contacts and your users can see it. And that's i don't know apple's got a lot of Of of trouble brewing in some of it is about like facebook and the ad tracking transparency. And all of that. That's a policy change right. That's a that's a. We're going to make you not do this unless you ask. This is not that this is just a disclosure thing. But i think it's it's a very apple kind of thing to do and i think it's i think it's all for the good based on what i know so far. But who knows about the details icloud plus. This is not a joke. I cloud plus another. Plus you know they follow on the greatest plus which is upgrade plus. I close icloud plus. Let me let me frame this for you. Mike what. I cloud pluses. I cloud plus could just as easily be called. Oh not that icloud. Not that i cloud because literally what they say is if you pay for icloud you've got all these features. What is what does it mean. It's like we know we give you some free icloud that we haven't upgraded in a million years. That's not this everybody else's now icloud plus for the same price. It's not like a new thing. It's literally they're taking icloud. Which meant like. I mean they're also servicing it right icloud. His a general thing like gets access to cloud and they're saying but there are premium features of icloud that you have to pay for and includes all the all the storage that you already got a bunch of other features and i clawed used to mean something much simpler than it does now so i get why they're redefining it this way and saying icloud plus means you pay and you get more storage. I assume if you're in the apple you know bundle you pick up all this stuff too and there's a lot of amazing stuff in there a bunch of us. I think we've talked about and written over the years about apple. Could do more in terms of privacy with like its own. Vpn private relay isn't quite a vpn but it kind of is vpn. Y- that you're when you're in safari that it's going to encrypt your traffic and send it through two different relays so it basically is a vpn inside safari and the.

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