Robert Muller, President Trump, Chicago discussed on Nick Digilio


So Robert Muller's probe of Russian interference in two thousand sixteen US presidential election, President Trump on Twitter yesterday, said attorney general Jeff Sessions should end the Russia investigation ABC Stephanie Ramos reports from Washington sources. Tell ABC news that when President Trump found out that special counsel Robert Muller wanted to interview him about obstruction of Justice. He was outraged White House spokesperson. Sarah Sanders says the president was only stating his opinion on Twitter that it was not an order or policy position. A large protest is planned for this afternoon in Chicago. It's organizers call it a peace March. They planned to disrupt traffic on lake shore drive beginning at four PM your diversity Parkway. They're expected to walk to Belmont from there to Clark street non Wrigley field would a game gets underway at seven. This woman lives in the area I think is needed because people need to understand that all the shooting going on is like really bad. But most of the people channel I'd spoke with did support the action organizers, say the points to raise awareness of gun violence on city south and west sides v. Fifteen Chicagoans where passengers on the plane that crashed this week Durango Mexico everyone survived the. Aero Mexico rather flights slammed back into the ground during takeoff on Tuesday in heavy rain and hail officials believe it was. A lightning strike last night that. Damage to building on Chicago's northside fifteen o one west moors avenue a building that houses common Cup coffee shop on. The ground floor and departments of buffet is scheduled to. Be inspected later this morning Indiana state. Officials will soon dole out four hundred hand held metal detectors to school district they tell. The Tribune it's a move aimed at bolstering campus security and discount supermarket chain all these is holding a one day. Hiring event today on Chicago's south side south side rather and in northwest Indiana it'll fill one hundred open positions today again in Chicago and. In the south bend Elkhart in Fort Wayne areas we'll check sports traffic and, weather you have the Samsung galaxy s..

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