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Access to the my med game show quiz with prizes oh yeah it does doesn't it look at that it's worth going to though i mean it really is it's fun guy will be there i'll be there you'll know more people than you think you you'd have a good time so anyways let's get back to you said you have some more topics so we there's been there was a discussion on the mag mail list about upgrading to high sierra or why not yeah you know my comment was i i still like managing my apps using items i do too and i miss it you don't lose that with high sierra though you lose that with sierra i have sarah and i i can still manageable than you didn't upgrade your your iphone or your it tunes oh my apple things except for my mac which is let me just double check about this mac am running mac os sierra ten twelve six and i can still plug it in and see the absence of but what really surprised me that i didn't think about it is rich commented that he lives in a rural area that he gets really crappy internet get good internet and he says he he can't have is devices that i trying to update themselves all the time and how long they take he wants to be able to do it with his computer and he's basically he was kind of upset with apple and i agree with them that there's nothing for the people who live in areas like that it's either take it or done well that's the arrogance of apple.

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