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For them you know they're not going to get a player i don't think who's as good as him he'll maybe if they had the full mid level they might be able to but with if they are kind of using the mini mid level and they're worried about the tax scrounging every dollar you know being able to exceed the cap keep him with full bird rights is useful a little bit more health housekeeping here their first round pick is open to minnesota back from the ns kanter trade yeah that wasn't a very good trade but to give up reggie jackson and a first round pick for cancer and dion waiters they probably could really use that pick right now and they're also really hamstrung as well don't forget they traded you know that kind of weirdly protected for surrender out in the future as well for grant that's twenty twenty first rounder that is top twenty protected basically and they are not on pace to lose that pick at this point but it still compounds their future dealings in terms of trading first round picks so their ability to use picks to try to get out of this financial crunch is limited josh houston's they decline his fourth year option probably a good move as a guy who didn't play that much but if they did want to bring him back they would be limited to paying him a two point two million which is what is fourth year rookie option would have been they've also got nick collison who maybe they'll just bring him back as mister thunder but i think they need that roster spot you parked on this that they could really use someone who could actually play in that spot corey brewer you know same thing just minimum contract don't have the means to exceed the cap to resign him they'd have to dig into some kind of an exception there anything else you understand these same with raytheon felton.

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