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By the way, it's it's it's like all the AP stuff has to be filtered through Mexico City by a p and then eventually a few of these little morsels of information. You should know how bad it is in Mexico. Eventually given to the rip and read news people across our nation. Check this out. Suspected drug cartel assailants left a threatening. And gruesome message outside the offices of a of a newspaper in the capital of Tamil leap. Save Tom elite the state that's the Mexican state right across my river right across the Rio Grande river the natural barrier. The natural separation God provided between Texas and Mexico. The real Bravo. The Rio Grande river as Tom aletha state down there, and the capital city is Victoria, which is a few hours away from us could just go south so employees at that newspaper, and that Victoria, Mexico Tamaulipas state on Friday, they found a styrofoam cooler outside the building. What's before cramps Christmas? Well, you never know. Maybe some nice people dropped up some tamales or maybe some fans of the newspaper dropped off. Some I don't know maybe some Molly or or some maneuver or something like that. To celebrate the holiday season because after all it's December twenty I know my friends see this. This is reality, you know, in Mexico this year two thousand eighteen. They have killed at least eighteen nineteen journalists in Mexico. People just doing their job reporting on political corruption. How some politicians many of them almost all of them are in bed with the cartels. And it's the cartels who run the show just south of the river. There was a handwritten sign that was left with this styrofoam cooler threatening journalists that that newspaper Expresso newspapers that Victoria, the capital of the state. And on that sign that said quote for newspapers allied with millions of dollar agreements with million dollar agreements with governor Francisco Garcia Cabeza vaca. Whereas I lovingly refer to him as governor Cao head anyone aligned with million dollar agreements where the governor in Tamale was say, they are not going to save you and here is proof. Yeah. Inside a styrofoam cooler the head of someone. I don't know if it's a journalist. But yeah, that's what they served up at that express newspaper in Victoria, Mexico. Wasn't the first time that newspaper in the capital of that state was targeted in back in two thousand twelve there was an explosive device in a car was detonated outside that same office. No one injured, but hey, they're trying to send a message. And that's why they're suppressing the media suppressing the press, and the, you know, the mainstream what you would think as mainstream journalism in Mexico. Yeah. It's it's woman upstream, the very few of them and eighteen and nineteen journalists trying to report truth south of the border the truth that you are not getting north of the river. From New York from Washington DC. They're desperately trying to to broadcast that to the world and eighteen nineteen. Journalists have died in Mexico trying to do that this past year. I don't know who that was that that had served up in that styrofoam cooler outside the newspaper answer that because I have no idea it doesn't say here. But just an example of what takes place, it's commonplace. It's daily firefights south of the border. It happens all the time. And it's. As.

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