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Now this and soon visit D c health link dot com w T o P News time 6 28 traffic and weather together on the trick. McClure Now in the traffic centre. Let's take it back around the capital Beltway to Maryland, Virginia, where you're still moving Well, all the way around Maryland route 50. No problems reported both inside and outside the Beltway. Looking great across the Bay Bridge right now three Lanes west and two lanes east across the bank. Or in Virginia. That's where all the action is 66 West before Route 1 23. We had a crash that happened last hour. Police are still starting. Sorting it out along. The left shoulder of the roadway is not in the travel lanes. But it's causing a few cautious slowdowns through Oakton headed toward Fairfax on both sides of 66 as we speak, cleanup continues there. 95 no change with the volume on the southbound side from Newington into Woodbridge might get a few more slowdowns. The Dale City of Dumb Freeze and pretty much typical volume slowdowns in the North downside through Spotsylvania Fredericksburg and found the crash near Route one Spotsylvania that was clear from the left side of the roadway. Police are still with a serious crash down in Leesburg, affecting Route seven. The Leesburg Pike bypass both ways between roots 15 and seven All lanes blocked on the westbound side of the bypass, and just the right lane will get you by headed east and over in the district. The freeway still running well in South Bell D C to 95 was with some volume. Delays were beginning to East cap and crews are still with the work so long northbound to 95 that's been causing lots of backups for the last few hours with the single lane getting by, and last hour we had a crash over in West Potomac Park. Outbound along Independence Avenue after Ohio Drive at last check, Metro police were diverting all eastbound traffic along Independence Avenue into West Potomac Park. And that's still the case. Get a vacation voucher. When you purchase a whole house of Windows from Window Nation, Plus get two free windows for every two you buy and pay nothing for two whole years. That's a good deal. Visit window nation dot com. Rick McClure. W T o P. Traffic Thank you. Now you're storm team for four day forecast. Here's NBC four is Matt Ritter this evening. A few light showers in the far southwestern suburbs and a few scattered thunderstorms in the far northwest suburbs. Otherwise mostly cloudy, warm and humid temperatures..

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