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Now we pressure they'll be forced out of the pockets so they'll have to run a few times because there's not going to be designed runs for dak. I don't think there might be but flush out of the pocket runs happen. Yeah i actually like taking quarterback rushing yards over in situations like that rather than games against bad the lines where there's gonna be sitting in the pocket and not have to rush. If that makes sense taking touchdown props brady drove four hundred yards and have one one throwing touchdown like it could be bad luck. They could run it in from the five every single time. Whatever blah blah saw. I'm not a big touchdown. Props guide sounds like you are. Oh yeah i love touchdown props. I love pets. I love parlays. I gotta parlay for this game. Tony and it is a good one. Same game portland. Oh yes same. Game parlay shoutout pat. Give me a free bed. It's probably not fucking pulled up so if you haven't already and you log in your fans of the top free pat mcafee free. Bet you click on that you opt in you. Pick your bet. I did six or seven leg parlay to win like five grand. The amount depends on how long i believe been on the sports smoker. How much how. Active your sportsbook. So i do. Yeah i do like sit parlay for your free bet. Yeah i did a four same game parlay twenty five dollars for eleven. Thou- what is i. Got the dallas cowboys. Money lie win. The game i got. Zeke elliott burst touchdown score that exact plus eight fifty by itself. I have an alternate over fifty eight and a half and then a draw. First-half draw first-half draw. Oh yeah you're a psychopath dude. This is the warning the odds first half draw. Ooh i cannot remember it as over plus thousand. I think it was thirty. Nine hundred zero. Hey i don't hate for being honest here. Couple guys fucking bulletin fucking zeke. I touchdown on. I don't hate mean anything can happen. Let's say fifty m saying like it's good value for xenia. I was very surprised. He was like the fourth person on the list. Who was first roggio and tom. No no no. I think i think it was for net as donating. Tom rushing touchdown. That motherfucker will sneak in. Qb sneak. Baby oh i touchdown score mike. Lavigne's roggio chris. Godwin and then zeke than for net may be. Tom is not even on the list for. I know he's plus four hundred any touchdown score not enough for me. I tommy draw. Hold the phone plus twenty one hundred baseball right now. Glory the laurie for airy school. Fucking rocket for the lads. What's up with sunny england. One nothing up on poland. What's up a sunny saw. That tweet i haven't read anything about it. Fucking airy Tom twenty one hundred. I touch on. I don't hate What we're talking about. I don't know. I got distracted by talking rocket oscar jersey. What do you got came bottom still oscar. Take your phone off mute. sorry about that. Guide hamed down void. So i got us seeing gay parlay for tomorrow I just wanna say i may. You are crazy with that par but let me go with my leg day. I got tampa bay money line. I got an alternate spread. Plus fifteen on the dallas cowboys. And i'm heading down under oath. Fifty two point okay. It is a lot of points you brought it up earlier. Dumpy the enter tomorrow night. Yeah you tweeting about fucking hurricane right. What's a tweet about fuck hurricane right. Now it's.

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