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Although I think sterling Shepard's being slept on a little bit there, and golden Tate is so dangerous at the line of scrimmage, if you get him the ball can out quick you, obviously it's a weird paradox that he's not he doesn't have high in deep ball speed, but he can smoke you. If you get him the ball in space, and I think Evan Ingram given that formula. He could be the Vernon Davis. If you remember Vernon Davis seven eight years ago what he was to that Niners offense. He was the guy who is destroying teams up the seem I think of an Ingram has the speed to do that. And the ability to do that. So I look forward to seeing what he what he does. I think he's the big factor for for the giants this season. And I don't think they're going to be an I don't think they're going to be a bump team. This year another team that is kind of similar to them is the Pittsburgh Steelers, not just because the Rooney's and the Mars are old school owners and not just because the two starting quarterbacks were drafted in two thousand and four and have two Super Bowl victories. Well, actually, there are a lot of similarities now that I'm starting to like that Lincoln and Kennedy. And oud. Here's another one for you. They both. They both lost high end number one wide receivers as we now go into this draft. And so it was a great treat before we get Evan Ingram showing up here in just a few you get at least one question spaghetti. We'll see how much time we have with Evan when he shows. But in the meantime, you know, by the way, Evan is one of those names add that one to the list of of people, it's a it's a regular name. Like Glen, Kevin, Gary, Linda keirin, and now Evan these are names that, you know, people who have these names, but no one in the twenty first century has been given that name true a baby born in the year two thousand or or beyond has that name. You are very good at the the weird name for a baby list. The those those names sound like you have to just skip right to the age of thirty five to have that name. Right. I agree. Anyway, maybe that's something. You can ask Evan about. In. The meantime, it was a great treat a couple of days ago to catch up with one of the I think more unheralded great twenty eighteen seasons. Joe Haden was dynamite. There in the secondary. The secondary overall may not have performed gangbusters. But that was not on Joe Haden. He was terrific a great leader. If Pittsburgh Steelers fans are wondering about whether or not they're going to have the appropriate level of leadership in the locker room. We talk about that. And a whole bunch of other things with the great and delightful Joe Haden. All right. I'm very excited about this. Look who see in the Miami-Dade it left everybody. It's number twenty three it's black and gold these days. It's no longer Brown and orange or whatever that t-. I don't know what's going on with that team. I've heard they've made some changes we're not here to talk about them. We're here to talk about the Pittsburgh Steelers represented by Joe Haden. How are you doing really? Well, are you while you know, I just dipped into fashion first of all that nice little what they time piece you call it all the time fees, and and you just left band practice on your way up here. Or woman blazer, it's very handsome. Thank you. I just think that this is the latest example of I see a lot of football guys where items that if I wore people would point and laugh, but somehow you make it look cool..

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