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Man accused of killing a Clermont county sheriff's deputy during a weekend standoff will face a judge. Wade win is charged with aggravated murder. He's accused of gunning down detective Bill brewer and injuring Lieutenant Nick to rose before surrendering after the twelve hour standoff Saturday impure township that's near Cincinnati. When could face the death penalty the incident prompting governor Mike dewine to order flags across the state to be flown at half. Staff until services are held for detective broher, Ohio F O P president Gary wolf ski is saying the F O P and the people of Ohio can never repay deputy Bill brewers service, but we can offer him by remembering always his sacrifice the F O P president is encouraging everyone who pray for the deputies family law enforcement colleagues and deputy Nick DeRosa who was also injured and is in stable condition. Jared Adler, News Radio six ten WTVN here in Columbus. The new shot. Spotter system will be tested today in the hilltop neighborhood before it goes live ABC sixes, Alexis Moberg or talked to Lisa blogs about what it means for the rampant crime in the area. Police will be testing them out expected to fire multiple rounds. But people who. Live in this neighborhood say it's just one step closer to making them feel safer. Folks are gonna realize soon that this technology is out here, and they might think twice before firing their guns. Now the program is a series of microphones designed to pick up gunshots and pinpoint their locations before automatically dispatching officers. A bicyclist was struck and killed Sunday evening northeast of Columbus. Franklin county sheriff's office offices, an SUV hit the bicyclist from behind along sunbury road near Yellowhammer drive, just after six thirty pm. The writer was pronounced dead at the scene. The bike was in the middle lane with no lights nurse. No indication alcohol. Drugs were a factor. The pressure continues to build on Virginia. Governor Ralph Northam to step down after a racist. Picture emerged from thirty five years ago. The picture featured on governor north eastern Virginia medical school yearbook page shows two men one in black face the other in KKK robe that photo and the racist and offensive attitude. Represent does not reflect that person. I am today. North initially apologize for appearing in the photo. Then changed course over the weekend denying he's either person in the nineteen Eighty-four picture. That's ABC's. Mona Kosar Abdi reporting the head of the N W C P is calling for north to resign. Senator Sherrod Brown. Calling President Trump a racist on NBC's meet the press, the Ohio democrat looked at the president's real estate practices and making the statement, I know early, and we did there all kinds of news reports about what he did early in his career on housing and Brown said the nation has dealt with issues of race. Now, we have a president who's racist? Browns also considering his own run for president in two thousand twenty the layoffs GM announced in November are about to begin. The auto giant says it will lay off four thousand salaried workers starting today. It's the beginning of an overall effort to reduce.

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