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Fans of Sandy West let's start back this week in 1941 for Joe DiMaggio starts his 56 game hitting streak. The ex Lose 13 to 1 This'll Week in 1967 New York Yankees. Mickey Mantle hits his career home run number 500 of Baltimore Orioles pitcher Stew Miller This'll week in 1972. Willie Mays, playing his first game with the Mets hits a go ahead and eventually game winning solo home run to lead off the fifth inning. It was his first hit with the Mets, and it gave his new team of 5 to 4 lead over you guessed it his old team, the Giants, This'll week in 1984, Phillies pitcher Steve Carlton. It's a grand slam and pitches into the eighth inning to help his team beat the Dodgers. Seven To. Oddly enough is rare is it is for a pitcher to hit a home run, let alone a Grand Slam. It was also done the night before by walking and you are of the Cardinals on this weekend. 2010. Montreal follows up a monumental upset by pulling off another. The Canadians, who eliminated the Washington Capitals beat the Pittsburgh Penguins 5 to 2 in Game seven of the Eastern Conference semifinals. Montreal accomplishes what no other team has done since the current playoffs format was adopted in 94 that is to beat the president's trophy winner and defending Stanley Cup champion and successive rounds as an eighth seeded team. On. That's just some of what happened this weekend Sports history the weekend sports Time capsule on my heart radio, local news breaking news, traffic weather and going deeper depth and perspective on news 93.1 kfbk. Yes. So it's not just Mom and Dad and the kids..

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