Six Ounces, Twelve Ounces, Two Three Hours discussed on Cask Club Radio


Have on hand later colonel Hey the name of the hop on the that is really okay call and number five number five for the summer weather out there I got put on the list because I recently just got back into it and that it can make yeah yeah I can't say I've never really been a hammock I never had one but just recently online and they are so relaxing incomes will actually sit on a nice day you can just put it out play in their swing down enjoy the summer weather team to make it better you can urgent on economics there you go now you can make in your own yard do you take it on the go what's your preference what I got for the yard but I've seen a lot of fun one place they're like really like impact in a bag which is tied up really quick so my hand I have to do a little smaller I always see someone at okay beaches found like the two trees that are perfect for a hammock and it's like why at night there I G. everything looks so good when you well that is another perfect top five thank you distiller day we really appreciate it all right thank you before we send you out of here we of course as always have a new cocktail recipe for you this one sounds like a pretty good at a party atmosphere it is this requires a punch bowl this call the tropical tempus punch this is a couple different uncles and it's it's obviously brown sugar Bourbon and some of our mangled by tell you can get those in any of our tasting rooms or order online for delivery you need twelve ounces of the BSB brown sugar Bourbon twelve ounces of the mango vodka six ounces lemon juice six ounces a lime juice six ounces of grapefruit juice six ounces of orange juice and six ounces of pineapple juice so really two parts of the SP two parts of mango and the one part of lemon lime grapefruit oranges pineapple juice it's obviously very citrusy fruity drink put in a punch bowl stir it covered for the fridge for two three hours and then up toward in the glasses that have ice and garnish with some pineapple chunks.

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