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Nothing that can be done further investigations going to happen and nothing happens it totally understand this is linked to the CIA and the FBI and the new Documents that were released by the FBI the CIA was investigating the finders Well within the nineteen sixties Marian. Petty's wife Isabel. Petty worked for the Central Intelligence Agency as secretary he put her in there to gain information from the CIA. The FBI was investigating the finders as early as the late nineteen sixties they early nineteen seventy. S as well toby. Terrell worked for a company called future enterprises feature enterprises as computer training company whose Toby Terrell he was very high up within the finders operation. His name is Robert Gardner Terrell and he was Marian Pettis second in command. What other evidence do we have the finders operation slash cold had connections and was part of this brownstone operation bit was ongoing inside of both the FBI and the CIA because as we established early on there is an irresistible desire for these intelligence organizations to use this exploitation of children regardless of? Who's doing it in this case this horrific finders group? They still want the kids so that they can entrap people in blackmail them. So how do we establish? That connection really did happen because of the equipment that was found at the warehouse as well them also taking a supposedly video cassettes and pictures out of the Warehouse Deck Attain Child Pornography that Martinez and Harold never were able to look at again. However there's many news reports. Those pictures were carrying around in plastic bags as evidence as well as in toby. Tyrrell's book the game caller and I've talked to Athena Verona's yet former FBI agent. But I will talk with her. He says that she told him that you know because he was you know she shows and she will. She calls him at future. Pies's office wanting to talk to him and he goes okay so because he's hiding out there at first so he meets her down there and to the talk and so she pretty much tells him that. Don't worry be kept under wraps. That's not an exact quote. That's using the book. But it's it's to that and so when Athena Verona's all when she goes to see the evidence Dad Ramon Martinez had found and she goes to investigate the warehouse and apartment buildings afterwards. She says she finds nothing and makes out that Martinez is a liar so they were bearing. Fbi was burying it from the get go. So that's circumstantial evidence. It's good. What other evidence do we have linking Martinez to CIA or FBI programs? What do you mean I mean other than clements giving the testimony that you know. The customs agents were told by the intelligence operations to stand down the second day of their investigation of the of the warehouse in apartment. If I remember correctly and I could be wrong. Because you're the principal investigator. I just think you have an overflow information in your head. They're told directly that this is the operation. Don't go yes they're told directly sat down. Yes who who is told winner? They told how come. That's not stems agents told this by testimony of Henry Clements who wasn't investigator BEF- Glendale in the finders and who Ramon Jd. Martinez had Mitch. That he respected clements in his whistleblower complaint to give Clinton's credibility. He was told through his investigation. That customs agents were told that this was a CI operation were told to stand down just like the reports that were the Metropolitan Police. Department reports our secret that were declassified that detective John stitcher and Jim Bradley Jim. Bradley mentions that there are connections to the Central Intelligence Agency in his report but however that Tan gently and that they were using the fighters to disseminate nate inaccurate information now only evolvement to the C. I had with finders that they would give them in Akron. Information to disseminate to to people coming disinformation campaign. John Stitcher who? We don't have his full report but I do have his chronology from the Metropolitan Police Department. There was unredacted that Henry Clements gave to me. I'm the only person with that. Copy that I know of that states that Marian petty had passports to North Korea in USSR. In Vietnam through the nineteen fifties throughout the nineteen eighties. Which would have been almost impossible to have passports to return back to the United States soil after visiting those places without having some sort of higher in connection to an intelligence agencies which is listed in that chronology John You keep bringing up these connections to Communist foreign powers China North Korea. And stuff like that. Why do you think that's important? How do you think that fits into the story? I don't think you're trying to Disparage Chinese people per no. No no no. I'm just saying that's where that's what. The evidence shows in that suspicions in terms of how these links work. Well how is the game? I mean The people as they listen to this. They're like you are they're saying. Give me the evidence gives the but then they're switching to the other side goes. What's the big picture? Why why North Korea? Why these other things? And it's because there is a world job trafficking usually through a lot of those on Java trafficking it's worldwide trafficking arms trafficking partnering with Organizations Governments Intelligence organizations that have greater freedom and control to do whatever the heck they want to people yet in unlv become allies in evil deeds. Yeah very much so so they to facilitate all this just happened within the United States and above itself you have to work with foreign intelligence agencies and foreign governments. Don't have to but it's a great cover right. Well Yeah Yeah I moved to China and now it's buried you can't get to it. It's just like if I moved outside of the government and to some private contractor dine core. Whatever now it's harder for you to get at or massage connections the Jeffrey Epstein. You know about that. So so are there any parallels between there are obviously between finders and Jeffrey Epstein and what we see in the suspicion that we have that this is a brownstone operation intelligence. Clearly there's all the links to massad there but there's also links to CIA with the obscene gays right. Yes very much. So so as I mean with Robert Maxwell Gazette Maxwell Robert Maxwell being A Term Dino the super spy for the Massad I mean that per with every brownstone operation where those Franklin or Epstein or the finders you have connections to foreign intelligence agencies connections to heads of state of a foreign governments or even the governments of your own country and I think you know the cooperate with one other exactly like you said a minute ago. Alex is is kind of you know. I can only investigate really so much. What happens to the United States? I can't really look into the massage. Connections very easily and freedom of information requests in at all over there in Israel and try to get any information of certain connections. And maybe or China you know how how to petition the Chinese government to release any information about the finders over there. Iranian fighter occurred by the Chinese government or Russia. I mean it's hard enough. The information from my own government let alone foreign governments. So you're reading this book on the finders cult slash operation. Do you ever working title at this point now. I do not weird. Do you think this book is going to take you? What is the angle on the book? What are you trying to at the end of the day? What are you trying to reveal? The biggest thing that I'm trying to do with this book is a is a way to clear Ramon j Martinez and now. He has been slandered by multiple people within the media. There's a guy trying to make a documentary named Tyler. Rabbit many finders members who interviewed Ramon Martinez and everything and he's trying to push the narrative that there's nothing to see here that there were no intelligence connections or anything like that did the basic narrative and the fighters were just progressive cult. And so you know Ramon Martinez lost everything you know. The Customs Department railroaded him when you read the whistleblower complaint I mean they shut him down. They destroyed his career so this book my main objective with this book other than to get down to the bottom of what really happened is to clear Ramon j Martinez named the best of my ability. Because you know people still to this day they throw the finders out because Ramon Martinez right wing militia nodar and you know and and that's one of the biggest problems that we have all this of trying to show a body of evidence that this occurred you know as I mentioned very early on. You have kind of set me on this journey but you know when we interviewing Annika Lucas who I just shared with you who was sold into sex slavery by her mother at six years old and one of the things about was interesting because I want to return to the satanic part of the ritual abuse so people have heard my interview with Annika and she says how she was. You know just a horrific that the rape over and over and over again but eventually they were going to kill her and then. I'm asking her and I said well some people like Ross. Dr Who I talked to also who has worked with hundreds of victims of satanic ritual abuse. So he has people that come in say it was satanic. They were wearing robes. They were drawing these inverted Pentagram in blood. And all this other this other symbolic and they were repeating these satanic phrases and he has as an investigator who has worked with the police. He says this is the evidence you can make with it what you will but this is what these people are reporting. So the interesting thing for me is I'm talking to Anika Anika you can watch her. You know five hundred thousand viewed youtube when she talks about this horror of child sex trafficking that you went through but the terms are even St- softened its child sex trafficking. It's not repeatedly being raped. And then being being on the block to be murdered and is spared. But here's the point. I was leading up to a simple. What about the Tan Parker is? I just talked to Russ. And he's big on the tennis shoes. Oh yeah it was satanic ritual abuse and I was like blown away. Let my stomach. Trump's 'cause here's somebody and she presents as this kind of European. She doesn't like to throw that out there. But when she's pushed she says of course yet satanic so. I think we need to process that in a way that gets us to that next level because you're Christian and I don't respect anyone's religious beliefs. I'm sorry I don't respect your religious beliefs. I don't respect anyone's religious beliefs because we're not supposed to. We're just supposed to follow the data we're not supposed to have. You don't need me to be kind to you or not poke at you because you have certain beliefs you put your beliefs out there and you have to back them up. And that's what everybody does but I want to get to that next. You're going to be attacked in you know this and I'm sure you already are as a crazy Christian who as trying to jam everything back into a Christian narrative and I wanNA talk. So that's one of the reasons I want to talk about this in talk about. You know we've just had a two hour discussion and union bring up Christianity. All you just said this document followed by this document followed by this police. Report followed by this.

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