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Uranium mining companies and nuclear power plant operators are hoping for a bailout in the name of national security president trump scheduled to receive recommendations tomorrow from a federal task force studying ways to revive domestic uranium mining the nuclear energy institute representing uranium mine companies has asked the task force for tax breaks and other financial support the industry's lag amidst global competition and low uranium ore prices is lobbyists argue creating uranium or demand is essential for American national security but environmental groups say nuclear power and uranium mining industries are trying to exploit national security issues to benefit from taxpayer money trump last summer rejected an industry request that U. S. uranium ore users rely on domestic production for twenty five percent of their supply a demonstration in Rapid City South Dakota this week to stop the keystone XL pipeline as environmental and federal attorneys prepare for a hearing any Montana court next week where a judge will consider an injunction stopping construction of the project Victoria weeks reports from Rapid City Nick Tilson had south Indian collective headquartered in Rapid City he says rallies bring attention to the cause and work hand in hand with legal battles fought in court rooms and.

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