Wisconsin Supreme Court, President Trump, United States discussed on Wisconsin's Sports Weekend with Justin Garcia


In against another set of partisan politician this is wang mentioned the the references to president trump wisconsin supreme court had nothing to do with president trump the wisconsin supreme court will almost never be in a position where it will be reviewing the actions the president of the united states in federal court only reading that would talk about donald trump is if you want to take advantage of partisan for whatever enthusiasm rallying to go against the president in the midterm elections have absolutely on i think he will take action we're talking to rick berg president of wisconsin is it to prolong liberty we'll take a quick break when we come back i wanna ask you about the recent ads on both sides really and if those ads crossover a illegal line when you're supposed to be talking about minor children sexual assault some of those things rick esoteric joining us right here in wtmj nine seventeen p pretty with you on wtmj on this good friday we are joined by rick s numbered presidents of wisconsin it's super long liberty rick the ads in the last week or so have gone to this place where it's a attack on decisions that the judges have made and the involvement in many cases of sexual assaults harassment has that is another example of how we're we're going into a kind of a new territory in the in the msci all and craziness of these races comes that have been in a candidate on my own in knossos of instead endorsed judicial candidates but it's not unusual for judicial elections to include commentary on you know sentences that have been handed down by the very candidates and i think it's unfortunate in a way because it was supreme court sentence anybody sentencing is done by trial judges and although wisconsin supreme court candidates very very limited and so to some extent we have these doing ads which you know talk about.

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