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We are going to be joined by Nicole Kaeding from the national taxpayers union foundation how is all this going to affect your wallet and there's a couple of elections today across the country a few primaries have been delayed because of coronavirus but others continue at pace Josh Croucher with the details and what's at stake today seven o'clock on W. M. L. W. N. A. L. F. M. with which Washington well five point nine FM W. and eight where Washington comes to talk WMAL news at seven good morning everyone I'm John Matthews this slow shut down of the DC area continues with the mandatory closing of bars and restaurant dining rooms gymnasiums in movie theaters in Maryland and DC and many other businesses have closed voluntarily to contribute to the effort to achieve extreme social distance thing and that's putting a damper on Saint Patrick's day the timing couldn't be worse for Irish bars hoping to make a killing this St Patrick's day normally on that day you make what you would make and say a month so it's gonna be a big impact since takeout and delivery are still allowed manager Jennifer Nugent says they'll be doing curbside and hopefully we can make enough to cover the bills and obviously we've got a whole lot of corned beef and cabbage here once the danger is over I'm sure all the Irish buyers will get together and try and do a Saint Patrick's day in July Kurdistan WMAL WMAL dot com more closures the U. S. supreme court's postponing courtroom arguments for the first time in a century and when the justices do meet later this week it'll be by phone six of the nine justices are sixty five or older the Arlington Catholic dioceses at stopper forming math the episcopal diocese of Washington has now put off all church until mid may the case count in the DC region is risen one hundred sixteen fold in the twelve days since the first reported case twenty three known cases in DC forty five in Maryland fifty two in Virginia Virginia has claimed the only two deaths so far in the region both of them from the Newport news area both men in their seventies Johns Hopkins University is ramping up its capability to process corona virus tests right now they can do about a hundred a day a day by the end of the week we should be able to do a thousand tests the day we did also order AT a robot with the robot we will be able to get up to fifteen hundred a day health system president Dr cabinets to ours says they are trying to preserve their hospital beds in that most patients will be able to self quarantine at home with many businesses on mandatory shut down Maryland's counting on police to enforce the law and the state police superintendent says troopers will arrest business owners and customers who do not comply in Frederick County sheriff Chuck Jenkins says his deputies are ready my god I really feel we're prepared and we will continue to provide law enforcement services and and function as necessary wherever this might go Jenkins tells W. I. males Larry o'connor's office will be closed to the public to ensure the health of his depart and staff Maryland lawmakers are rushing through priority legislation so they can get out of Dodge or in this case Annapolis by tomorrow to bring this session to a quick end three weeks ahead of schedule the final votes needed to pass the state's forty eight billion dollar budget for the next fiscal year they plan to reconvene in a special session in may for any needed clean up work DC officials are calling on shoppers in the city to stop with the food hoarding already when we say we all have to do our part that's part of our part don't over buy on to make sure that there is supply for others who need it aerial Bowser says big parts of the district don't have enough supermarkets as it is and it only gets worse if there's nothing left by checking your money after yesterday's record three thousand point drop the Dow futures are now up to hundred ninety points the nasdaq up one hundred thirty one in sport is the new reality of covert nineteen prompted baseball to announce the opening days will be pushed back to mid may it bill earliest NFL free agency is open the Redskins say goodbye to case Keenum into Eric flowers former redskin cornerback Kendall fuller is coming back he has signed a four year deal after getting a Super Bowl ring with the chiefs WMAL news time seven oh four up next traffic and weather on WMAL breaking news Brett hand and wrist remains low inside stories five point nine W. 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