FBI, Riley Williams, Governor Greg Abbott discussed on Mark Levin


Expect them to drop tomorrow in the lower fifties and stay in the mid fifties. As we go into Wednesday, partly sunny 68 degrees at DFW Airport. This news brought to you by Mueller Inc. Members of the National Guard deployed to Washington, D C or getting the help of barbed fencing and other protective measures ahead of Wednesday's inauguration, DC National Guard Commander Major General William Walker speaking with America's newsroom, We're asking the community to cooperate with us to be patient and understand. This level of security is required so we can have a peaceful transition of presidential power. Do you believe that will be the case on Wednesday? I'm certain of it. The FBI is also betting D C guard members to avoid any inside attack, even though the Army secretary says he's heard of no threats like that. Theo FBI reportedly investigating a tip that a woman who entered the U. S Capitol took a laptop belonging to the House speaker with the intent to sell it to Russia. Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office has yet to confirm whether or not a laptop or hard drive was actually stolen Bill. The FBI in an affidavit describes the criminal case against Riley Williams from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. That It's investigating such acclaim and made by a witness that Williams trying to sell Pelosi's laptop or hard drive to a friend in Russia, who intended to sell it to Russian intelligence in a deal that reportedly fell through and then it appears that Williams is on the run right now, she faces a charge of entering a restricted building and disorderly conduct for her alleged actions inside the U. S. Capitol. Jeff Man. Also Fox News. A wily man is facing federal charges for his alleged involvement in this month's deadly breach of the Capitol building, According to a federal affidavit. Guy ref, it asked his family members not to tell anyone. He was at the Capitol riot and told them quote traders get shot. FBI. Dallas Special agent in charge Matthew to Sarno says a number of tips have led to several arrests. In North Texas hipsters have turned in their friends, neighbors and relatives all increasingly radicalized. Bye. Inflammatory rhetoric if it is charged with obstruction and knowingly entering a restricted building or grounds without lawful authority Governor Greg Abbott is expected to give an update on the state's response to covert 19. Tomorrow, The governor plans to hold a round table discussion with doctors at Houston Methodist Hospital. He's expected to touch on his legislative priorities for ensuring a healthier future for the state. Governor Abbott also expected to give an update on Kobe 19 vaccination efforts. The briefing comes is Texas leads the country in the number of residents vaccinated, but many suburban and rural counties left without vaccine doses as the state and country experience more demand than supply. Clayton Nevil, WB AP News Again the low Tonight, 48, It is 68 degrees. This news also brought to you by Rex.

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