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Then if he changes his stance on on gun control even slightly it wouldn't be a dope worker reek of what's important to me if the economy repu applicable kwalik here ordered security i mean you go look at the whole spirit you're not just one click away my muttaqi or whatever i mean i'm i'm a gun owner another a are gun owner but still as long as i can have a gun i'm good with that so what what gun deal matt i'll just have a glock okay so you are a gun owner a proud again on and you're one of those y you're on board with me which is that you know trump's never gonna get to the point you've got a republican congress he's never going to get to the point he's overhauling some massive gone reform that's never going to happen but if he made to slight adjustments on stances here when it came to certain semi automatic weapons as a trump supporter of big trump guy not affecting you right now i'm a reasonable gun i mean there's not going to be a president where you agree with everything that he or she does so you know i'm i'm pretty reasonable occurs burke does so daca was much more important to you in terms of where trump's staff ends on that this and then anything to do with guns here interesting interest good stuff that good stuff man data's matt in houston texas is already proving my theory off the bat here eight seven seven three six seven 25 26 eight seven seven three six seven 25 26 to chime in match says what i think as a trump supporter as long as he can own a gun and that's a that's a gun owner he's got his glock they're not trying to take it away from them but if trump says hey you know what if have you have a serious mental illness or if we go down the road of woking at gun control reform in the slightest way he's not going to bother i'm too much it's not which is a really good angle.

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