President Bartlett, President Trump, Adam Schiff discussed on Stephanie Miller's Happy Hour Podcast


Thank you so much and please stay safe you to. Hey guys remember when they used to be a very special episode of blossom okay. This is a very special episode of Stephanie. Miller's happy hour with a fictional president Martin Sheen President Bartlett MIC by popular demand. Just we. We're we just had him on the regular show. We're releasing this as the happy hour because this literally made people cry. He is so Such a gift to America so inspirational he is President Bartlett. He really is like bits. We needed this. We fireside chat with President Bartlett and then we also included a fictional president and someone who a lot of people are saying could be and should be and maybe than a president someday chairman. Adam Schiff. Yes we also had on last week. We thought we wanted to do an uplifting happy hour right that will inspire you because he was like a TV president wasn't he during the Senate impeachments. Mr Smith Goes to Washington those speeches on the Senate floor right. They were Bartlett test. Aaron Sorkin didn't even write them. Adam Schiff did yes he did. No Fence Martin. Okay and so here they are. It is the twin. The Very Presidential Stephanie. Miller is happy hour. Enjoy my family offsides yesterday and we have a whole family. Sheen's Chris Era Sean. It's like that commercial with Martin Sheen within Charlie pipes stat. No Oh we got him. Yeah no it's we had. Rene yes do we have a west wing theme or something. I don't know whatever just fine American music. Something hail to the chief how. `Bout Hail to the chief. How about that? Okay okay. Am I think fireplaces turned on Good Morning Mr President Good Morning President Bartlett all.

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