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That kind of stuff. So Steam Bending Scharping, Guna bunch of worked. So if you're interested in greenwood woodworking it's GonNa. Be Great to pick up. Twenty five bucks. For. Hundred Minute instructional. Not. Bad at all and does this does this following their series of? Yeah I? Don't think there I don't think they're like all interrelated but you know it is. It is the videos I don't think part one. I don't think it's evolving concept is the videos that they produced. And for the consideration DVD's they said it's will be out lane or August. Yeah. But for only dollars more than the streaming downloadable version. So depending on your what you've got at home to play stuff too much more physical copies isn't that bad? If you have a DVD player. Yeah I know I still do my Blu Ray player so play DVD's okay but no most next off at streaming. Good deployer up in clauses. Still has right so. Old School like that I still liked the the copy I like to have it in my hand I. Don't like to look at it on an yeah. Yeah. That has some appeal and then lastly I want to bring up in this branch. thinking. I saw this right before the show. To the show but. Lost Press. Chris over there has put out a new video on sharpening a curved scraper in his technique works for curved or straight scrapers using carbide Berkshire. So apparently come up with a new technique and close to the show starting that I did not have time to watch the eight minute video yet. So but I figured I'd throw it in there. stuff easily always has a great to techniques on stuff like that. So I'd recommend you over to Los Start presses on his blog called idiot sharpening. Is it with with any? Guides are or anything or is it still the typical? I? Think you lay I said we'll draw the burners across the rollout and I'm I'm sure it's it's like that but I think the technique your is using a burmeister and like I said, I am assuming some stuff just from some of the stuff in the post but I don't WanNA speak at a time without seeing the video. But I figured I'd just throw it in their case anybody can go over there and take a hand. At this point the listeners may know more about it Ha-. I happen to own a car by Brasher I don't have any curved a which one young. I think. It's probably a woodcraft one I lo WHO's it is. Nothing but it's it's a, it's an rockwell, fifty nine or so. It's not a screwdriver. It's a Herbie hide or. Maybe it's not carbide. Yeah. It probably hardens he yeah. Yeah I think this is the car budge couple places. You can just the carbide today I wanna say it's like argue rasp it's not but it's a French company that makes these. Carbide. Furniture's that are pretty cool. But. WanNa to bring it up a photo of it so. The name the name is argue, yeah, there's the RASP company that's Rascon leaders are no a are. Are. There, you go. Arnold. Owen and. That is funky. Yep I have one of those they were click champ. It's got a Try has got around side where has a little round bunker in another side is trying corvette furnish it's almost like a longer carbide insert down the site little handle Yup and that was another recommendation from Chris aroused press knocking isn't it? Yeah. There he goes aren't aren't over. Forty Bucks Yeah. So it works like a pin, what it does and being carbide that last a lifetime. Oh, I didn't notice he selling them. Yeah. Yeah. In realize he was actually seldomly. So so you can pick one of those up. All right. We're learning lots here. Okay, well, let's move onto a what's in the shop so Shaun what's going on? Yeah. I won't say finally because I do love it but summer summer Lacrosse as weird as it was during the Hulk Hogan thing Phil happened it lasted a lot longer than normally. So now we record this in the. Approaching the Tehran detail on July, it just got done last week. So now are we lead nights are a little more open and our weekend a little more open. So hopefully now because what I was doing with piecemeal building a shed in the back I, got it the foundation and got the floor frame done. So I still haven't even order to lumber to build on top of frame hopefully now that will proceed I would actually finalizing resigned today it's like an order all at once and get it shipped here because I don't own the puck the Oh man I know, but it's it's like. Yeah raise. One that doesn't deal in chief goods. I have a Houston. I kid you not I used to drive a Saturn, the little four door and Saturn ion and I went to my local hardwoods store and I bought like I forget when I was getting I've got some ash and some others anyway I got some good. Dick. Stock and I then leaned it up on my trunk and pulled out a an saw broke down and got it in my car like I was that kind of guy. MONOSSO. So this is this is I need. Forty studs and a few twelve foot boards. But literally less than a dozen sheep siding in less than six sheep of be for the roof like simple fun a little too much. I could rent a truck and Janet there but I can shift here so. The way we're going though nothing nothing too exciting. It's been a Fairly hectic summer. This kind of balancing all over the place who well, for me I'm finally backed working on the Gal rocker and the mess around with that, and of course of come up with I. Think I, mentioned this a little bit last time but I perfected the technique for cutting rockers, Lotto Ivan been watching your posts about this now. That a barrier Brussels. I love the accuracy you're getting from the jigs at you're creating in using. Are you causing Peter Galbraith, any gas by doing it this way as opposed to some other smokers traditional way I don't think. So we'll mind will Mike Cook Nick relies heavily on having much stretchered. If you don't have much strategic or something like that it's not gonNA work..

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