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Yeah, well, even if you didn't mean, it's hurtful thing to say to somebody, it's like oh Your! It's like if I said Oh scary You have a face that makes you look like your brain damaged right, but if I said it to you when it wasn't about my face, but if it was about you, you know we're friends for twenty years. You know I'm joking. You'd say shut up uptick right right well, but if somebody's if somebody on social media said that to you. That's a funny right now. I almost think that they think they know you. You see that's almost a compliment to you because they feel like they can joke with you because. They're saying like they feel a connection to you, but it's it's a public forum, so you're insulting me in a public forum I give you DM me, and like Ha, ha, ha, I might write back and go. Hey, man, you know out. Really think that's a kind of thing right, but he do it in a public forum on my instagram page. then. It's like everyone's going to see that and everyone's GonNa. Maybe in the back of their mind and it was just. It doesn't matter again. What what will said. I'm sure he didn't mean it to be hurtful, but I gave him a chance to explain what he meant, and he clearly went out of his way. You know I was insulting you yeah, Ta get it. Right. So being clever at someone else's expense when you don't really know, them is not always the best thing that's obscene. You know what I mean. Yeah, yeah, that's all and if he still a slice and he's listening. Hey, man, I don't know anger against you I just. I don't feel like I want to continue the interaction on social media. If that's your angle of interacting with me, so that's all we move on all right well, you know speaking of slices for life, somebody. Who Was it I? See here one shout out to a Max Max Max's girlfriend Stephanie reached out to me on cameo. That's the APP where you record video messages for People Yup. I did want I did one week. Yes, celebrities, or whoever or Names like. We'll we'll record messages. Video messages personalized once and and you get the presented that person which is nice show for us, so Stephanie wanted to celebrate maxes thirtieth birthday. in quarantine. Wow, so he's a slice for life and she thought she'd surprise him with a cameo, so I made a cameo but. I gotta I gotTA. Tell you something I did take one, and I put it in the trash before I sent it to her because. Dude. When when we're in quarantine and is leading and not having Fox about ourselves, we look like Shit I may get on camera and am reading this and I'm like Oh my God. Look at me and I'm and I'm talking to my camera and I. Look back at him like. Is that really me? My beard had grown or days. At looked like I. had like chipmunk cheeks. My hair was out of control. And of course now granted I hadn't taken a shower yet. I brodie I specifically. said I gotta get dressed I took. A shower got dressed, shaved home. My hair put new clothes on, and then I did the cameo. And now here we are doing the podcast, but I did it because at the on screen for thirty seconds..

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