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It's no, you think if feels fully back and then two plays in, you re tweak it to make things Woodhead last season, you know, they gave them time and then he, it happens. All DeMarco Murray was the same. His was an institution, but once he hurt his hamstring DeMarco Murray was never the same. So I pay attention to these Jordan Mathews was trying to earn a spot on this roster. His contract was very minimal commitment for the patriots difficult offense to learn generally for wide receiver to come in as well. So he will be missing time if it is. In fact, a significant hamstring injury. I would not expect Jordan. A-this to make and the the other guys there you know that have, it's, you know that are on that bubble of making the team Philip door set. Can he Brit? They're not slot. You know that that's not gonna there. He had a great opportunity here with with missing sport games. Come on quarter l. patterns. I think that Eric decker will sign with the patriots. I think that's what's going to happen. The free agent, Eric decker. He won't mice a lot of money to bring him in. He's been around the game long enough. I think Bill Belichick likes Eric decker quite a bit, but needs to know if he has anything left in the tank. We don't know if he does or not. When you're twenty eight pass attempts last year, Mario has such a down season. Maybe it was just not enough work to see what Eric decker has left. Another piece of news today, Sony, Michelle walked off under his own power to a medical practice. We know nothing else about that. He has not returned to practice. So we know nothing else other than the fact Sony, Michelle went off with some sort of injury today. No news that it's significant or bad titans wide receiver. Rashard Matthews is on the pup to start training camps, very mysterious. We know nothing. We know nothing. We're like Jon snow we, yes, Tyler I for has passed. His physical been cleared to practice was on the pub for four days. Welcome back. Maybe that's just like one of those like you so comfortable being on the pop that he's just like, let me just have a few days on the pup to get my you're going. He's warming up the pup. You know, they're like, well, let's put. Let's put it in there. You can warm up. The puck get ready for other players. He's good at. He's a veteran. So what if he's cleared to practice passes physical, the news on somebody like Jordan Reed has been good lately as well, decide whether I for Jordan redo. They need to move up. You're born Jordan Reed has been very far high up in my very far. Yeah. No, I couldn't. I couldn't get out. Out of it. Well. Get out of it. But I've had Jordan Reed ranks very high, and they have. Did you hear the news about Jordan Reed of his surgery? Allegedly, they've removed. He was saying, they've removed bones. Don't eat them. Yeah, donate, I'm done. I'm done with these rules just that's just flops there. Tobe own and not have a toe bone injury without tow boats. That's his philosophy. Deonte forms on the pup list, camera Meredith, avoided the pup list. This is good news. That's right. Late ram value there. Yeah. I mean, that's huge. If Cam Meredith avoided the pup, he is a forgotten man right now agreed for what his value could be in that offense. Candidates in tweaked his hamstring did not practice Monday, pay attention, Elisha Maguire's gonna miss three to six weeks, probably longer with a broken foot. We'll say Dr. David, Chow on on Twitter, the the a physician we reference frequently. He commented on the situation said, this is very optimistic for him to be back. Yeah, he should probably miss more time than that. That's good news for Elisa McGuire, and it's good news for McGuire to miss Martin go, how Powell Amazon, all anybody trying to make the roster and they're bringing people in Alfred Morris. S. came into town leans dark darkwa did as well if or man Orleans dark in Orleans darkwa signed with the jets sneaky. You like it. Well, it's just it. It's interesting, and I think that Mudi's things up for what you're hoping for from pro. Well, because I, I believe the dark was good running back who can rise up the depth chart. I agree with you. All right. Before we get to the NFC east breakdown wanna thank today's sponsor. Seatgeek guys,.

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