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Yeah sex at the paris hoteliers hotel every night except wednesday a free night and if you're a single guy go there because she'll it's how she wants to meet a guy lock stock her swiping right and left thing and the dmz and sliding into the i mean you can fly but just don't side into my dance got you so there you go guys that's how you can shenanigans hey thanks so much have a safe flight to biggest things for gifts out tonight thanks i was gonna say so and she was like you're going to airport what airline allsouth what baby and so that is our special guests for today rap thanks guy q yeah thanks for tuning into episode ten of make spidey famous again with sheena shea host of shenanigans right here on podcast one thank you to our wonderful sponsors keep in baby gutter clothed send your mail by going to stamps dot com or your packages like me and entering the codes spidey at the top of the page and get a special free trial membership of beach body on demand when utech spidey to thirty thirty thirty download new episodes of make spidey famous again every wednesday on podcast one dot com the podcast one app or apple podcasts leave a five star rating and beautiful review on apple podcasts especially now that we have the lady gang haters going and leaving one star reviews so if you can count counter that devilish ways valid be amazing if you enjoyed our chat with sheena stay tuned i short clip from her show shenanigans cnn x week.

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