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Yeah it's common well see I haven't because I don't go places like I used to wear I'd always run into that at the H. E. B. or at the the Valero we're so you know for you half a minute to me as much ridiculous if of course it's not well in the heat index is a hundred and twelve I could maybe understand that sentiment is it harder for you it is this segment brought to you by health taxes former Minneapolis police officer Derek children's bail has been set he's finally had his first day in court they set his bail at more than one million dollars the bill will be one point two five million dollars with no conditions or one million dollars with conditions he appeared in court via video yesterday the conditions children would have to follow should he post bail not to leave the state not working in law enforcement he was also not be allowed to have any contact with the family of George Floyd Simmons expected to be back in court on June twenty ninth the other officers involved to tell Thomas lane and J. Alexander king where rain last week if we remember they remain held in lieu of one million dollar bail with that no conditions or seven hundred and fifty thousand dollar bail with conditions that mirror those set for Sheldon now let me ask you think one point two five million dollars is enough you know I don't know what how they come up with that number but it's a lot of money so they get a starting point I I think it is because I don't think he's getting out with I don't think he's gonna get out on bail that's a lot of money you gotta come up at least ten percent to go through a bail bondsman and that's a lot of cash he's a police officer so you probably don't have that kind of cash sitting around and I don't think his attorney is going to offer up that bail money because I don't think it would be a good investment it would be terrifying to be out I'm afraid he's in isolation right now correct as far as I know yeah I I don't understand why I would be terrified to be out of prison while the site of the jail because of all the cycling okay can we go to an undisclosed location unknown if nobody would know where he's at I would hope so in court he gave his previous address I used to live and go there go there all right we know that the NBA season resumes next month San Antonio Spurs one of the twenty two teams set to participate in the NBA regular season as it resumes in Orlando Florida I can tell you one person will be going to Disney world that spurs forward lamarcus Aldridge will miss the remainder of the NBA season after the team announced yesterday had surgery on his right shoulder on April twenty fourth long time ago yeah judiciary introduce older during a game against Utah on February twenty first he played the spurs next game then went on to miss the next six he returned in San Antonio's win against Dallas the day before the NBA suspended this season because of the corona virus pandemic they won't have them this season makes most of us believe that the spurs will be leaving the Magic Kingdom early this summer I think that the eight games it they would have to go back almost undefeated to catch up in those four games and is gonna feel like preseason I'm going to be a lot like preseason play and I just can I I know they can't tank it's too late for that they are the one to many games but I'm thinking a lottery that's what I'm looking for you know take a look if they miss the playoffs it will be the first time in twenty three seasons they've missed the playoffs blacked if they can do something this offseason and rebuild the team a little bit get a little bit younger find some players I'm all for it and you know what I think we can all agree nothing counts as a birthday nothing for Christmas this will be the same okay I'm on the top of the sundae that wall look for I okay all feel good about Christmas but everything else I'm with you okay my birthday didn't exist your birthday didn't exist hate has not been yet okay what hasn't happened is not going to all right coming up but my compel government here about the fight against joins us a good morning insecurity McCurdy some of us have been holed up in the house for months it it's gonna take something pretty special to get us out well diamonds direct has got the deal that's creating a whole lot.

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